Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Little Warmer In The Afternoon

Only -15° at 2 pm.
Spring is getting closer.

Right now – 17° C

I don't want a treadmill.
I don't want a dirty gym full of viruses.
I want nature.
I want sun.
I want to run free as a bird.
My running project is about freedom, not about paying fees.
Go away, Sibirian winter!

I want to find out when running turns from inspiring, developing to insane, and then stay at the right side of the border.
Sane: between -10° and +20° C?
Between -6° and +24°?
Colder? Or warmer?
Where goes the line?
And who can tell?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Siberian Weather Extreme

Dear Reader, who am I to complain?
The "Sibirian Weather Extreme" holds Europe in a state of chock.
In Lyon the planes can't lift because of the 10 cm of snow. London is getting prepared for a snow storm and Great Britain is having its coldest winter in 100 (or is it 30?) years.
In Swedish Dalarna it's about to get colder than -44° C. And yesterday 122 people had frozen to death in Poland…

So not being able to run isn't that serious. But when I woke up this morning I felt so motivated, so I didn't think the -16° C at 9 am could stop me. But by 11 the temperature had raised only to -14°, and that is a little chilly for a mother of three. Even in her best winter gear.

The only thing that could cure the "I didn't get to run"-depression was: cookies. Classic Rutkakor (Chess Cookies), baked January 4 by people in checked shirts. Odd tradition, I know.

All of a sudden lunch was served by the chef husband, and then it was time to go snowslading with the kids. We were the only family out, and there was a little sun, so I had an "luxury ski vacation" vibe about it.

But yesterday I did go running – outdoors, on snow and ice for 40 min. The Nike+ figured it was 7.33 k and look what I bought for my shoes! Slip stoppers! Or broddar
So the question is: will I have to find a gym with a treadmill OR will I do fine with those shoes?
No matter snow or ice?
Only the Sibiran winter knows for sure…

Friday, January 1, 2010

Still Celebrating

Dear All, the worst thing happened yesterday. I fell asleep puting the kids to bed.
Woke up by the fireworks, but I was all too dizzy to have Champagne and anyway my husband had given up. He was drinking tea watching a movie… What a couple…
So instead we celebrated the New Decade for lunch.
With Toast Skagen and Champagne.

Then veggies with Risotto Milanese Cookies.
Some salami.
And more Champagne.

Finished it with coffee and chocolate truffles with Atlantic Sea Salt.
No, we didn't make
it through the door today.
It was – 10.
And I'm not sure I'm going to be a professional Half Marathon Runner.