Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day 71 – 72 On Regretting

Dear G, I'm a regretter. I could never say Je ne regrette rien, because I've always been regretting.
Mostly I regret minor decisions that people think are to small to reconsider.
But wouldn't it be much worse to regret big decisions? Like where you live, your profession, marriages or (huuh) even children?
To be honest, I'm not even really against regretting. I think that analyzing made decisions is the foundation of any improvement. Everything can optimized, and if that thought doesn't offend or scare, regretting makes life more interesting.

Today I've been regretting that we decided not to run the Tjejmilen. There were some obvious reasons: L had her second bad night, and now high fever. She kept me awake between 1 and 5.30 am. At 7.30 her siblings woke up…
A & J had colds too, and apart from that I was exhausted from not sleeping I felt that I might be turning sick too. At least that would be a fair guess, after hours and hours with the smell of fever in my nose…
So you said I'd be a fool to run, that September 27 is our major goal and that we should be happy with what we have accomplished. That was so nice of you.

But I felt so guilty that I went out and ran the symbolic 4.35 k I needed to reach 200 k.
The sun and that smooth wind made it wonderful, and I felt so much stronger than I did the other day. So another 5.65 didn't seem that far away…
Then I saw E's entry from Tjejmilen on her blog. Then a neighbour came back with her Tjejmilen medal… Proudly telling me that she made it on 1 hour 35 minutes …
I was in a state of shock, but did not tell her I would have done it faster even with the svine flue or anything like it. She started running when 3 k remained…

Anyway, my throat aches more every hour, and yes, we took the right decision.
I repeat: We took the right decision.
I took the right decision.
And as we said so many times before, this is what life is: things happen. When sick kids stop parents from conquer the world they look at their children and say: You are everything that I wished for. And then they choose a new day to conquer the world.

There will take a lot to stop me from running Lidingö tjejlopp.
And yes, I'm serious about the skiing. I've read the article you linked to and I'm sure that we can figure out a good way to train for 30 k cross country skiing in February.
Another suggestion: E is running Hässelbyloppet, 10 k just outside Stockholm October 11. Would you join a Run with E team?
And should we run Premiärmilen, 10 k in Djurgården March 28?
Let's make plans after Tuesday yoga!
Goodnight says your most tired friend
ps balloons from A's birthday party, a great success with everything she wished for. I only regret that I forgot to take pictures during the party. Nothing else, I promiss you.

Day 72 Final Stretch

Dear C,
Here we are the final stretch! 28 days until race day. I think the upcoming days will be the hardest. The hardest because, summer vacation made it all seem so easy. Now I think I need to plan the workouts again as work, colds, life has arrived with the autumn.
Looking so forward to yoga (even though its a bit out of my comfort zone). Another foundation to build on. If serious about the 30k ski will take some different training.
So don´t look back too much. The pot of gold is at the end of the rainbow.
Fantastic running today. Feel good, and free.
Hope you and kids get sleep and feel better.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Day 70 TGIF

Dear C,
Sometimes you have to just clear your head and move ahead. That is why I headed out early on a beautiful sunny morning. This to remind myself about the most important things in life.
On drinking coffee: I try to limit to one fantastic, strong cup in the morning but if I was offered a "gourmet" coffee I would take it. I don´t go for the nescafé or even tea that much. One thing though is I would not try and stop drinking it a week before a race! Why, because your body is used to it, and if anything it will work against you.
In fact, a cup of coffee 1 hour before a race may do you good! That is what I am planning.
As for race day-There is no reason to be nervous. We are out there to do the absolute best we can (remember its far better than you would have done 70 days ago). Could we have trained more or in a different way? Probably but the most important thing is not to injure yourself trying to do too much too fast. Me, I will perhaps hold back in a slower start group, wear my ipod, and walk if I have to. Finishing is great, time not as important right now. Because the first 70 days of the club has been a success and really it´s a benchmark for improvement.
I can guess who told you that marathon thing-and it´s certainly no secret. You have seen the poster in our front hall? I completed the 100th Boston marathon in 2001. But really it was another time, and place in life.
My little M turns 4 tomorrow! I love her so. So we will have a little party before the wedding. Ohh, too much. What time shall we leave for the start?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 70 – Getting Nervous

Dear G, I had decided to stop drinking coffee a weak before the race, so why is this lunch served with a large coffee?
Now it's too late to get rid of the coffee addiction.
And it's too late to run enough before Sunday.
I know that you are coffee addicted too, but today someone told me that you actually ran a Marathon before you had kids!
Which is quite impressive, but also terrifing.
I'm in start group 2 and supposed to run 10 k faster than 55 min, and the only two people I know are running are 1. an old, secret Marathon runner and 2. E, who ran 980 k as opposed to my 328 k.
What am I doing?

I'm being nervous about the race the days before it, so that I can be happy and relaxed about it at Sunday.
In the meantime I ask you:
How do I know how I'm doing during the race? Do I need to bring the Ipod and use my headphones? Or do they have their own music? Is it stupid to run around deaf?

Day 69 – What Things Are And What They Seem To Be

Dear G, with the 2-yearold safe at preschool, the mom all of a sudden has some time by herself. Time to work at daytime instead of late nights. And time to run.
After some time with the computer I deciced to go running.
Putting my shoes on I was a little irritated. Don't you think this parking is kind of odd? But then I thought that my neighbour must have forgotten something and rushed back to his house. We all do some rushing at times, don't we?
It was such a beautiful day. Nothing to complain about, except my strange tiredness. I ran so slowly! And had to stop several times, though I only did a short thing.
Running and thinking about if I should blame my cold or that I trained to little, I, very surprisingly, met my strange parking neighbour RUNNING. I know he is like a marathon runner,
but does he have to be so desperate about his running that he leaves his car like that?
Next thing I met this elegant horse, minding his own business. So I decided to do the same.
And running by the water I felt so happy. I'm out of shape, I will get a lousy time Sunday, but I'm so glad that I'm running and worst case scenario I will have an opportunity to improve September 27.

But when I came back the car was still there. Obviously he had decided to use our tree to get some shade. But is that ok?
I hate it when our car is hot too, and I have small children, but I wouldn't park like that. Would you?
Thinking about if I should talk to the man or not I did some yoga, which always gets me in a very relaxed and understanding mood. There are far worse things that peoples uneducated parkings, don't you think?
So I went in, took a shower, made some lunch – and then the door bell rang.
And there was this particular neighbour surprising me again, but this time all white in his face, screaming: WHAT HAPPENED?
Just that.
Nothing else.
What happened?
I had no clue. Was there another 9/11?
Had he gone totaly insane? Or did I do something?
I said I don't know what you're talking about.
He didn't park it like that.
It had moved about 20 m and stopped at our fence.
I couldn't help laughing, but the guy was quite upset. And obviously he had to do something about his breaks.

So dear G, what do we learn from this story?
Things are not always what they seem to be.
People should consider that before they get angry at cars.
Or at teachers leaving early.

WORKOUT: I did a new calibration (1k) and ran another slow 5. I think.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 69 Balance

Dear C,
I am gasping for breath and its not from running. It is not the kids, or my husband but this week work. Not only the rushing part but the fact that I actually got a commitment (or lack there of talk). Aparently the fact that I bring my kids to dagis 2x per week and pick then up 2x per week-which makes me arrive a bit late and leave a bit early on opposite days is not really "ok". Perhaps it was the evil eye I received last Friday as I walked out the gate along with the kids at 15:15? Though this brings it all back to the thought that we all have about being a mom, and working. Would they have said that to the dad who leaves and picks up his kids? So today, I arrived at work at 7:45 worked my butt off but had to leave at 15:15. There is nothing else I can do but my best. It doesn´t really make me feel better though. With this I arrived home last night at 18:20, stressed tired and just needed to be home with the kids instead of running.
Have really not even had the time to think about race Sunday. Feel sad about leaving M on her b-day for wedding.
Goal to find a balance: Work, Kids, Husband, Home, RUNNING, yoga.
Food, I have had 5 cookies all in one minute.
Much more soon,

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 68 – Getting wet – or not?

Dear G, today I was sent away from L and the preschool, and actually had a chance to run. But did I take it?
Nah… The rain was too heavy, did you see it?

Ok, ok, I know I'm a coward, but I get a new chance tomorrow.
WORKOUT: Running up and down the stairs with laundery + dirty rain wear, picking up toys, carrying children and trying to make peace between siblings doesn't count, I know. It never counts.
For anything.

I've decided to not be nervous, but thrilled about Sunday.
What do you feel?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 66 – 67 A Third Left – Is She Ready To Sail?

Dear G, the last two lovely days I've been at little L's new preschool to make her used to it (what is the word for inskolning?). It's been a real treat – with the sunny weather, the beautiful environment and most of all, spending noninterrupted time with her all day. We even slept at the preschool – very close together.
Tomorrow the teachers say that she is ready for me to leave her. I have mixed feelings about it. It's the best place I could imagine, and she is so mature for her age and wants to do everything by herself. But she is also so small. And I love her so deeply.
So I ask myself again (about L this time): is she ready to sail?
Yes, I think she is.

By dinnertime today L and her brother were so tired that it was a miracle that I went running. (Thanks, CJ…)
Felt like an old, fat cow, I guess I'm still not recovered from the throat thing – and only ran 4.5 k.
So I'm not quite ready to sail, but I will sail.
Shall we take my car on Sunday?

WORKOUT: 4.52 k
SINS: Had none of the cookies offered to parents either day. But a loooot of coffee…
ps. You know what? There is still a third left and you have already ran further than you did during the entire last 100 days club!
And, even with a third left, I've already done 75% better.

Do you think I should run or rest the remaining days?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 66 Out and about

Dear C,
One thing I absolutely love about Sweden is the fact that I can run in the woods and stumble upon a fantastic structure like this. Likely built by some school troop out on this beautiful, sunny day.
Now while I love the kids being so outdoorsy- as a teacher I hope they wrote about it´s meaning, how they built it and then went home and told their parents about it during dinner.
Soon we will have to begin the daunting task of school choice, and teepee building.
I was looking into what it takes to complete a 30k cross-country ski race and found this article by Jan Gunther, a mom, triathlete, skier-something to think about after getting through the first 10k.

Today 6k, thinking about what I eat. What a difference.

The only thing you should say when people admire your new fit self is thanks, I am working really hard on it.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day 59 – 65 Forbidden Subject

Hi dear G, I wanted to talk to you about a forbidden subject. I don't mean forbidden because we have agreed that this is not a weightlosing club or -blog, but because losing weight is so difficult to talk about.
It is, I would say, the one subject that is more provocating than sex and money.
Right now, I'm losing weight. People say that I've lost weight. Parents at the preschool that never met me before I had kids say that they never saw me this slim. People that knew me before say that I now look like I used to do before all the pregnancies.
And this is what I would like to answer: it's true that I've lost weight, but I have another 5.5 – 6 kg to lose before I reach my own size.
But of course I can't say that.

Losing weight or wanting to lose weight is ok if you have a severe overweight, like 90–100 k. A medical overweight that is defeted gets everyone enthusiastic. But losing weight for estetical reasons?
Makes people ask themselves: is she getting anorexia?
Or is she saying that I am fat? Why is she offending me like that?

But I'm just saying that I want the body that I had before I turned 36, my own size, the size I think that my body is meant to be and that my muscles and bones are made for. I want the size that I recognize as mine in the mirror.
I don't want anyone elses size.
I want mine.

That is: I'm saying it to you and noone else, because I don't want to hurt anyone and I don't want to sound like a teenager (that still didn't get that wanting to lose weight is unmentionable).

And this is how I'm losing weight: I'm running and I keep to good habits.
Since we came home from vacation I've had a summer version of The 100 Days Club Breakfast:
tea, dinkelknäckebröd with cheese, butter and basil, yoghurt with black, red and white currants and water instead of juice or vitamin C-tablets (as I get in natural in the berries).
I have no white bread at all and I try to stick to the two glasses of wine a week (or is it three?) Otherwise I'm not perfect at all.
But I keep losing weight.
Just don't tell anyone…

WORKOUT: I still feel something in my throat. Saturday I ran about 5.64, but I felt so tired and had to stop many times. Have a week to recover, right?

FOOD & DRINKS: We've had a week of party:
Wednesday: The annual picnic of the preschool.
Thursday: my lovely A turned 6 (I should have written a whole entry about how I love her, how special she is and what she means to me, but you know that anyway),
Friday: a dinner party for A with one grandmother, two aunts, one uncle and two cousins. No time to blog. Two small glasses of wine, chocolate cake with raspberries. Forgot to take pics.
Saturday: the annual crayfish party on the street. Had two 3.5‰beers, but nothing stronger. Felt asleep while putting the kids to bed, so it was a very early night.
Sunday: cleaning day in A's school. No glamour, no wine.
But in a week: The big Tjejmilen celebration!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day- What day is it?

Dear C,
We are just one week away from our first goal! Today I got out and as you can see ran in the mud. It was refreshing after the rain, and felt good after a long week, and little running.

Actually, I think that I needed those days off from running as my legs ached even when going up the stairs. Now they are fresh, and the aches have gone.

Now that our vacation is over I must get into a running/cross training routine. If I don´t plan it won´t happen as there are so many things going on, and the days are getting shorter.

I forgot to tell you that I bought a jump rope. It supposedly is the most fantastic training tool: It burns fat, increases cardio, foot speed and coordination. Well it was hard, and still is. 6 x 1minute had me lying on the floor. Just take a look at Rocky turn on the music and be inspired!
Had 1 glass of wine last night and tonight going to a dinner of indulgences. We´ll see how it goes.
Run today 6.34k, rope 5 minutes, 10 min. stretch.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 58 – Autumn Is Here

Dear G, I read what you have written while listening to the rain and wind against our windows. There are many things to add to the rush subject, but I have a cold – an aching throat and a little fever. So I go to bed with no running to tell you about and no answer to the rush question.
I think that autumn is here.

And yes, dear G, feel free to try to convince me that I could run a marathon. I've allways enjoyed your talent for convincing. Who knows, I might run a marathon… Though I have to admit that 42 k seems very far.
Tonight very extra super far.

ps Today my dear sister's dear son turned 18. That cute little baby is now a handsome young man – and an adult. And though I thought about him all day I haven't even called to congratulate.

Day 58 Rush, Rush, Rush

Dear C,
For me it´s not the actual work that stresses me out. I like my job, have great colleagues, and am growing professionally. Something that I have really missed in the past few years. So what is it that gives me Nackspärr? It is the Rushing. Rushing to get the kids to dagis when it opens at 8 and to work by 8:30. This is almost impossible, as its inevetable that you hit construction, traffic weather, police checks all which I pray to avoid while rushing in automatic pilot to Djursholm. As a teacher, you don´t really want to arrive after or with the children especially if the principal is standing at the gate greeting everyone-including me (rushing in). As the day progresses I rush around the school to do the tasks, that go with being a teacher. All parents should take this into consideration because being a teacher includes wearing many hats (even though most think its so great with the hours and summers free). We pay for it in, planning, setting up, correction, leveling, meetings, parent collaberation. Trust me there isn´enough time in the day not to rush. Then I rush from work back the other direction to pick up my angels-hoping that they are not the last ones left at 15:40.

Now I understand that many parents live life rushing- I wonder how to fit in "necessary" appointments. Today for C´s eyes, M´s 4 year check at the BVC, telephone times. running, yoga etc. Then what about the not so crucial but necessary times for hair cuts, socializing, kids b-day parties. Do I want to spend the weekend rushing to get the laundry done, vacuuming and so on?

How do we not rush? Either we move North, or compromise. It has to come not only from within, but in my case my hubby. We must take the time to remember about life, smell the roses, go for a run, do yoga, call friends for help, all before we do it over again.

Still taking it easy today. Food fine though if I had chocolate in the house I would have eaten it all! Was craving it.
What could the mid-winter goal be? Tough to wait for May for half-marathon. I think you could do marathon. Wíll give you book to read.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 57 – Heading For Adventures

Dear G, NO.
Parents have no idea of what teachers do before kids come to school. They just think that teachers are that smart and articultated all they time.
Today was a big day. First official day in school with traditionary upprop (what is the English word for that) for A, and first official day in preschool with upprop for J and L. At exactly the same time!
So I couldn't come with my eldest daughter this very important day. But CJ sent me this pictures of about 120 ballons heading for adventures – one for each of the pupis in A's school. The ballons have the childrens name on them and a message saying if you find this ballon please send a postcard to …
About our coming adventures: I agree that En svensk klassiker is a little too complicated, but I'm not ready to run a marathon. Would like to start with a halfmarathon, if that is ok for you?
And yes, let's talk about it.
Take care, be kind to your poor neck and sleep tight. The Swedish word you are searching for is nackspärr.
WORKOUT: I had six kids home today aged soon 6, 4, 4, soon 4, 2 and 1.5. Their mothers (2 of them) kept talking.
FOOD: I've been so hungry today. Is it a consequense of running?

Day 57- Vitamin C and Bed

Dear C,
Today, my official first day back at work was a busy one. Everyone is bustling about trying to make things look nice and prepare. Do parents know what teachers do before the kids arrive??
Anyway, I had a smile on my face today even though I didn´t feel that way at all. Yesterday, after my run I just didn´t feel great, and as the day and evening progressed I ended up with nack spar (is this how you say it in Swedish)? I slept terribly because I couldn´t get comfortable and then knew I was in for it. Called the best(I think so) kiropraktor in Sweden Malin Sköld early this morning and she booked me in for this afternoon. An hour of trigger points has helped me out. Though she said tonight, I am officially "sick" and should and will go straight to bed after I have guzzled lots of water. This could have come on because of the wind yesterday, or because I am on the cusp of a cold, or because of a combination of all + a bit of work stress. So with the water I plopped in a vitamin C and will cross my fingers. No running today or tomorrow. If I feel better Weds.
Fun, that we are thinking ahead to the next part of our new found life. Your proposal seems noble. Though I think it would take ski´s, swimming lessons and a new bike for me to get on board. Also, the thought of spending July in Sweden (and swimming) makes me want to run for the hills! Yet, a trip to Paris isn´t exactly free either. BUT a marathon is an exhilerating feeling and really quite a thing to work for in the winter. Open for discussion.
PS: Of course Champagne is included in this trip, along with some pastries as well.
PSS: Can´wait for the iphone, I see so many things I want pictures of. Should be connected around the 24th!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day 56 – Picking Berries, Making Plans

Dear G, how strange, picking loads of black, white and red currants today (yes, I'm making jam) I was thinking about what goal we should have with our next club to keep us motivated over winter.
So instead of answering your proposal I make you another one – let's consider them both before we make a decision.
Did you ever hear about En svensk klassiker – A Swedish Classic? It's a man proof – but nowadays there is a Womens version, Tjejklassikern, so I guess you could call it a woman proof…
After completing it you get a diploma, and if you want to a silver (or gold) jewel to show that you are "in". To qualify you'll have to finish an event in all four diciplines (skiing, biking, swimming and running) and yet only 4 959 women have done it! This is what needs to be done:

Tjejvasan – 30 km skiing in Dalarna, February 27.
Tjejvättern – 100 km biking in Southern Sweden, starting and ending in Motala, June 12.
Vansbro tjejsim – 1 km swimming upwards Västerdalsälven (a cold canal), July 10.
The forth challenge is of course Lidingö tjejlopp, but that we already are planning to do September 27.

A third possibility might be Kungsholmen runt, a half marathon in Stockholm May 8. Then we could have an Autumn/Winter club about October 8 – January 15 (with what goal?) and a Spring club January 29 – May 8.

WORKOUT: L held me awake between 2 and 5.30 am tonight, so I was really tired and also had some pain after the running yesterday, but I ran 3 k and did sit ups while waiting for kids to sleep.

And dear Readers: I'm very impressed by G's 58.50 for 10 k Lidingöloppet tjejmil, which is a much better time than my 55.42 on Tjejmilen. As opposed to hilly Lidingöloppet the Tjejmilen is a flat thing and much easier. I also stopped A LOT.

ps: An Easter in Paris would be oh-so-lovely, but do we get to drink any champagne? ds

Day 56- Goals and Dreams

Dear C,
I am very impressed with your 10k+run. All of the efforts are paying off. We are stronger, faster and even more determined than any of our 100´s of previous days. Our babies who brought us together will soon be 4 and now we have our eye on the prize!
Today, I ran 10k of the Lidingö Loppet. Somehow I was off the trail for the last 2km´s-so I headed home and it seemed to equal out. Time was 58.50 which is ok. There were defininately some uphills but I felt overheated, and wished I had on shorts, plus it was very windy. My body felt totally fine, its more in my head than anything else. Hopefully yoga will help with this. Not so concerned about the race more about the wedding the evening before.
Now we have our eye on the end, the fantastic goal of not one but 2 races-but I like to plan!
With this, I propose something for our future. The perfect way to struggle through the long Swedish winter and have a HUGE GOAL. One that I know we could accomplish and have fun doing it. Yep, you guessed it-look at the picture and be inspired. The city of lights, the one you love has its Marathon April 11th, 2010. It falls perfectly over Easter vacation.
Thought about the London marathon but its registration is over then found this. The registration will open soon. So what do you think? Could we pull a Murakami?
1 stange note-I moved a certain way and got an ouch in my neck. Am trying to stretch it out.
Had my wine over Fri and Sat. Didn´t even go over the limit. Did have a kex of the kids today, and an extra coffee, but mostly very healthy and really thinking about it,
Keep up the great work!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day 55 – Competition Rehearsal

Dear G, today I ran the Tjejmilen, as a test for the competition that we are running in two weeks. On the radion they talked about the environment and how we all need to take responsibility to save our planet, so it felt a little odd to drive from our neighbourhood (that is so full of running opportunities) TO RUN!
Never drove to run before.And never ran with both a Ipod, Iphone, car key and a map in my hand.

And to be honest I didn't really run the Tjejmilen, but something close to it. Running Tjejmilen on a non competition day is impossible. The actual day will be a great party, and they will block the streets from cars. Today: nothing of that.
As I couldn't make the cars go after me I had to take some alternative trails, and sometimes they got very alternative. First I realized I had taken a shortcut, and then I ran way too long several times.
I think that I ran a longer than it will be August 30, and so thinks my Nike+.

But there are so many things that my Nike+ doesn't know about. It doesn't know what Djurgården means to me, and how special it is for me to run there.
This was the place where I ran very often between 20 and 25, when I lived nearby (and then again between 29 and 31). I rembember it as I was in quite good shape, but with the Tjejmilen map I can see that my habitual trail was only about 6k.
This was also the place were I took so many Sunday walks with boyfriend materia, that most of the time after a walk here turned out NOT to be boyfriend materia. And nothing has changed – here are so many couples walking and you could guess which of them that will make it, and which won't.
So I had to ask myself: what's the most surreal about this: that I'm back, after so many years, and that I'm actually stronger in my 40's, after giving birth to three children?
Or that I'm not 25 anymore, that I have a husband and three kids back home?
I still don't know. But I feel so blessed.

This is the place by the canal, were you are allowed to choose either the south or the north side. As you can see I chose the north side, but in two weeks I will choose the south side, as I prefer to run on grit to asphalt.

I have to tell you that I really had trouble following the map, and as I followed the trails round the water instead of running the straiter car roads.
I ran 10 k in 55.42.
To return to the goal (and start) I ran another 0.67 and finished at 59.15.
I know that it's cheating as I stopped to look at the map so many times, the calibration might be too good and the Nike + is just a step counter… But I feel so satisfied!
And much, much less nervous about August 30…

WORKOUT: I repeat: 10.67 in 59.15.
SINS: After running I was worth a glass of chilled Australian Riesling. And another glass with CJ's gorgeous Risotto with chicken and asparagus.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day 52- 54 Blame The Rain On Me

Dear Ladies, if the weather gets you irritated these days, I have to tell you: I've asked for it.
Our garden was so dry. And I find it so much easier to go back to the ordinary life when it's not too warm. What's more – the running gets better.
So the other day it rained when my husband arrived after work. But I had decided to run, so I did. It was a light rain, and still quite warm, so I was thankfull to get a little chilled and later forgot about the rain. Didn't even notice how wet I was until the -yearold wanted to hug.
Another good thing: my habitual trail has been dusty and slippery lately, but now it was all perfect for running.
I felt that I could run forever, if not dinner was about to get ready. So I made another pace-record. I feel like a superwoman these days.
Later that night I was about to write you about the benefits of rain when I realized it had destroyed my Ipod.
Catastrophy! It made me so disappointed that I couldn't write you. But it worked again after a couple of ours on my desk, so now I say it loud:
Thank me for the rain. I asked for it!
Or do you already think it's a little too much?

Apart from this very healthy living, without any bad things at all apart from some coffees extra, I've been celebrated again.
Day 53 was S:ta Claras, so my eldest daughter picked me this lovely bouquet and we had a Swedish crayfish party for two, me and my husband, just like we've had every August 12 since 12 years ago. As allways we don't buy that many, but only the best – fresh, Swedish, expensive little half-lobsters. Only this time there were three kids under 6 years chanting: Crayfish! Claws! Could I have more!

And when I tried to bribe our son with an icecream today (rare occasion) he even said: I don't want icecream! I want maiden lobsters or shrimp!
It's getting expensive…

Day 52: almost 6 k. Day 53: No running, but I did some yoga. And I have to tell you: I'm doing a full the boat pose for quite a while now, that old goal of mine…
Day 54: Planned to run, but there was no time. As I've said before: running is not difficult. To get time to run, that's the challenge.

Day 54 Hard Day

Hello All,

I'm tired. Tired of fighting and bickering with my girls. Tired of them screaming and not listening. Ever have one of those days? Well I KNOW the answer must me a yes for C as she has 3 kids. I know it's a yes for you G. Why do our little angels push their limits all the time?
Started day with fighting over what the girls will wear to school.Got them both there so late!! My daughter N wanted to ride her bike so I was a nice Mamma and let her do this meanwhile I ran alongside. Well ........I got run over (pretty badly) from N and cut my knee, elbow and hands!!!! All this before my run/ walk and before 9:30 in the am!! My knee was pretty sore and hurt like you know what. I said though I must carry on, I need to do this!!! I managed so was happy to get in my exercise for the day.

After that had a lovely lunch in the city with a great friend who cheered me up. Picked up the girls only to start the fighting and bickering all over again, UUUGGHH!!

Enough of that. Postive thoughts and things to report.
Workout= 6.67 km
Food= Very well behaved with chicken salad for lunch with melon and bulgur. Half a cup of coffee and water. Dinner was yummy, made cod (torsk) with a melon salad and an avacado and tomatoe salad, more water & no wine!
Now I plan to leave the dishes to hubby and go upstairs and read my book.
What about you C, where have you been? G is all ok with you? We have not talked in days.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day 53 Inspiration

Dear Readers,
While looking for something in my bookcase today I took down several books which at different times have inspired me-all for different reasons. C, am not sure if you ever studied American Literature but this was really a passion of mine. It is something that I always wanted to study more of. What inspires us changes with time though the feeling never goes away.


Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that , the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

- Robert Frost

Ran- 5k yesterday
Ran- 6k today
Food-not even tempted
Work-Started, much to do.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day 51 An update.......

Ok ladies I felt so guilty and gross at how I look and feel so before going to bed last night I actually did 50 situps!!! Also did some stretching excercises and training for my lower back that I received from my chiropractor. I feel a little better that I did something. Must get out and move today!
More later work at the moment.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Days 49- 51 Lot's of confessions and more to accomplish!

Hey G & C,

I am sad to report that I have been under the weather a bit and not feeling so well. I went to the doctor yesterday and was put on antibiotics for an infection. So needless to say I have not been out walking or running or any type of workout. Taking it easy so my immune system can fight this off.

Sat was a fantastic day spent on the sailboat with G and her lovely family. Also spent eating & drinking alot of things that were not so good for me. It was a beautiful sunny day and probably one of the last of the summer so I lived it up and went all out.

I had better days Sun and today where I stuck to the rules and ate healthy things. Hoping to feel better tomorrow so I can get back working out. I will have had 5 doses of abx treatment by then.
More to come......

Days 49-52 Half-Way!

Dear C & C2,
20 Days left til the Tjejmilen! This time I think we are prepared. Today I ran intervals. Fast up hills and slow inbetween. There was a creepy guy so I took another path. He just seemed out of place, and didn´t really have proper gear, or running shoes so that made me suspicious (or perhaps a little paranoid).
Kids first day back at dagis went well. They seemed really happy to see their friends even though I had to shake them awake. Tomorrow a half-day as they will come to a work lunch with me. So we will take this week slowly.
As you know I dropped the camera in the sea so until my iphone arrives (ordered it today)! My pics will be random. Made yummy, healthy dinners last night and today. Really sticking with the last half of our hundred days. Just Doing it!
Today-8.67km intervals

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Day 50 – 51 European Bragging

Dear readers, I have to tell you that my American friends and co-clubmembers claim that they are not from Newport. G seems to be from a place called Rockport. Newport are Swedish furnitures and also a town in New England. Rockport is a vacation town by the sea in Massachusetts. But I'm still uncertain where C2 comes from? I could say from the East Coast, anywhere but from Newport, but that would be too embarrasing. It's bad enough that even though G has been one of my best friends for many years now I say that she is American. If someone asks me "from where" I say she is from the East Coast and then I mention Boston. I guess that is as dumb as if someone said that I'm European. From the north of Europe. Actually I was born in Lund, a university city in Southern Sweden, but who cares anyway?

Born and raised on the planet Earth we are halfway through our current challenge and I think we are doing great.
G is running like an African gazelle and C2 is starting a new life, little by litte. Myself, I've lost more than 2 kg since midsummer and 5 kg since a year ago. But more important – I feel so much stronger. And happier.
Yet I know that we shall and will do even better now that the vacation is over. Like G I've decided to only have one glass of wine Friday dinner and the other for Saturday Dinner. I want to know what happens if I follow the rules rigourosly. I'm thinking about how to improve the pace and how to be able to run the following weeks when I'm home with L.
WORKOUT: Apart from lots of hedgecutting I ran 6.47 with a pace of 5.36 per k. The sweet peas were sown and planted by my soon 4-yearold son. I know I'm bragging and that it's supposed to be so non-Swedish, but I can't help it. And while I'm at it, this is the dinner my husband fixed us this casual Sunday:
Oh, yeah, I know there is a little wine in that glass, but from now on I'll be Mrs Perfect.
SUMMARY DAY 41 – 50: I ran 7 of 10 days, all together 35.68 plus exact 6 uncounted k = 41.68

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Day 49-Already??

Dear C& C2,
A quick little note then will edit tonight. Set the alarm this morning for a run-as we are headed to Runmarö to go sailing for the day. 1st time out all summer. Yesterday, was my rest day-just picked up around house and tried to tame my little lions.
Been an angel this whole week healthy foods, runs, stretching and not even a sip of vino. Only 1 little chocolate croissant for fika (C2)!
I hear you on the garden! Ours still needs so much work and my tomato plants are huge but the tomato´s small and green from lack of water. Plus "the project" is in full swing, and the front looks like a white trash family from Vermont. Stones, old tiles, hoses, dirt, mess.
Have a lovely day. Maybe I will come down for berries tomorrow!
PS: You are doing so well with or without Ipod thingy. Also, I think should be same for run/walk.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Day 47 - 48 At Home And Pissed Off

Dear G & C2, we made it home, after many hours of packing and on the road with everything that comes of it: McDonalds lunch, car candy and car buns. And no workout whatsoever. So what did we find when we came home? There was no lawn but a meadow and this is what our hedge looked like. (I have stolen the drawing from my friend Maria Lindroos' blog.) But though CJ and I was in chock the kids were truly happy, both to be home and to be able to eat all the berries. Come and have a taste!
As my new sensor arrived just before we left Skåne I was exited to go out to run, and of course calibrate it. What a joke: first the thing said it was out of battery. The Ipod just wouldn't get that I had a new sensor. After starting and restarting it admitted it was new. Then I calibrated on 1k, but afterwards it said: Calibration succeded on 400m. So I had to do it again. And again. And again. And again… Alltogether I calibrated six times on 1k each, and five times it said "calibrated on 400m". The sixth it didn't admit it calibrated at all. I tried to run a k to see if it worked anyhow. Then it said that the k I ran was 0.54. I was so angry I wouldn't run home.
So the result of running more than 7.5k is… 1.64k!
The only thing that would have made me happy after that was a dive in C2's pool. It looks so good!
Or having a dinner cooked by my favorite chef, which I did have…
Another thing: Maybe I should make a remark saying what day C2 started? Which day was it? Also wonder if we have different competitions for walking and running? It's a little difficult to compare, isn't it? Even if I totaly agree: we are all winners and we're not competing each others but ourselves.
And the Nike+!

Tomorrow I'll calibrate at 400m, just as the thing demands… Or just work on the hedges…

Day 48 Glad I Planned Ahead....

I knew I would be so beat this eve. Figured hubby wouldn't get home till after dinner time. Right on both counts.

So planned ahead this morning and packed up my sneakers and work out gear to bring to work. It was Fri, no one from my dept in Marketing are back yet from vacation. Things were so slow. So out I went for a power walk this afternoon in the middle of the heat and sunshine. Glad I got in another workout this week (makes 4)

This 100 days club and more so the little ipod+nike sensor is getting addicting. I know I will never catch up to you ladies (km wise) but as we said it's not a competition (right girls?) it's about us as individuals and our own personal goals. I will be thrilled by the end of this 100 days if I am 2kgs less than I am now. We are almost at the 1/2 way mark so I have alot of work ahead of me. Am determined to keep pushing myself!
Overall had a good week with workouts and food wise. Only two glasses of wine as well (1 Tues and 1 Wed nights)
Weekends are the hardest though, don't you agree? So we will see what happens....... I'll try to behave.
Have a good one!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 47 Just Did It!!!!!!

Ok G and C thanks for the kick in the u know where. The guilty feelings of not getting out and walking yesterday the blog with "just do it" the rules about what to eat and all the hype about sex and improving my relationship burning calories etc etc......
Got out after 8pm this eve and went on a 6+km power walk (actually jogged for three full songs which is an improvement for me!!) C maybe you are not aware but I am not a runner, never have been. I am a good power walker though.
Came home and was so sweaty I decided to go for a swim. Invited my hubby for a dip in our pool and well the rest is for us to know hee hee.................................... :-)
Until tomorrow ladies. Have a good night.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 45-46 A New Rule

Dear G & C2, we should really be back home, but we stayed another day. And another, but now we're finally leaving our Summer village.
G, I love your new picking blueberries morning routine. I think we should make a new 100 days paragraph: Enjoy healthy luxuries.
And I'm so proud you ran 5k on 27.24. I think it's very difficult to stay under 6 min/k. The faster I ran the longer steps I take, which makes the Nike+sensor think that each k is longer. It will so good to run at home where I know how far a k actually is!

Though I'll miss running by the sea. Day 45 my sensor said it was out of battery, but I ran 9.33 anyhow. Day 46 we went bathing both before and after lunch, and just before dinner I went out to run again. It was really to late, but inspired by G I wanted to try to break a pace record.

But as I run a little shorter than I use to I took the wrong path and ended up in a place where pace records are not to be done. Look at all this! Where is the path? Running here I gave up records and thought about C2. I would like to suggest you a new goal: to buy food only twice a week. Buying food each day is not only expensive and a time-waste, it's also a perfect method for choosing unhealthy panic-meals. I admit that planning for a whole week is boring and impossible, but buying Sundays for for Monday-Thursday and Thursdays then for the weekends works much better for parents that pick up (and leave) their kids in two places. I know, because we've done that for 2.5 years. With love I also would like to say: please read the food rules. C2, you need to eat fat and eggs are so much better than the pasta. When I come home I'll send you some links to explain why.

Fortunately I found my right track again, but then I remembered another reason why pace records aren't done here. There are so many fences that must be climbed over. I often think that I could pause the sensor, but it seams ridicolous.

Then took a last swim in the sea, just before dinner. Swimming in under water looking at the sun is what makes life worth living. Even if there were eleven months of winter it would be worth it.
And yes, the rule is: enjoy life and healthy luxuries!
WORKOUT: 9.3+3.6K, salty baths but no yoga

Day 46 Stone Love

Dear C & C2,
What a beautiful summer day! L has come across a huge load of Ölandssten and has big plans for it. He thinks he is a stone layer. We´ll see how long this project takes...
On a more fun note: I read a recent article which deserves a little blog time, and burns calories too. No need for embarrassment but sex does the body good. Here are some reasons to climb onboard:
Sex relieves stress
Sex boosts immunity
Sex burns calories
Sex improves cardiovascular health
Sex boosts self esteem
Sex improves intimacy
Sex makes your kegel muscles work
Sex helps you sleep better
Running is good for sex
Of course kids, work, privacy, stress, etc can put a damper on this. But why not add some spice to your 100 days? My husband likes me a little more now that I run-because I am happier and have more energy. We make the time for me to go out even if I run out the door when he arrives home. A win win for all and may even give him a little better luck too...
Today: Just under 6. Legs tired. Contemplating which day will be rest-depending on if we go sailing this weekend. Food: All healthy, 1 tea and 1 coffee: So on track!


Bubble Bursting Extra!

Dear C2,
Remember the lifelong changes that begin with these 100 days...the bonus is that you may lose weight because you have thought about choices and become mentally stronger and going out is part of your day. You will love going out to run or walk or do yoga or whatever you do! I don´t think any blogger has brought up SEX for their workout yet. (A preview of tonights blog) .Check out these quick searches I did for housework and daily activity. They speak about Calorie burning. BUT 1 hour of continuously pushing the vac at a good pace only burns approx. 193 calories Check out this chart on Housework and burning calories. (not sure how true it all is but funny). Also that 2 glasses of that lovely red wine 34o calories!!
I´ll tell you I ran my butt off last night-fast and furious and my ipod said I burned around 540 calories...
SOOOOO-get out there, stretch, do meditation, walk. push yourself to the limit. The first weeks are the hardest. JUST DO IT!
With love,

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day 45 Blueberry Hill

Dear C&C2,
We have a new morning routine-to go and pick berries for the day. Then we eat them, for breakfast. The blueberries are everwhere-just in the woods behind our house. Have you read your kids Bluberries for Sal?
C, I left my Murakami in the US. I need to get another copy so I can reference it...Though today I was checking out how Nike has a new way of looking at your runs. I feel as though as if I had hit a plateau. It´s not really the distance-but I haven´t really pushed myself. So today I did. 5k with a goal trying to really push up the hills and then know when to slow down a little. Outcome best time this summer- 27.24. Really its all in my head...
Our challenge is a race against ourselves, and this 100 days is changing our lives!
This week: Very good food, no wine, lots of water, 2 m&m´s. L polished off the rest for me.
C2 Look in the column to the left for the two races C and I will run. Aug. 30 and the 100th day- Sept. 27th.

Day 45 No Workout But Burning Calories.......

Hej C & G,
Do you ladies ever wonder how many calories one burns during the regular stresses of a day?

First rushing to drop off the kids, not to mention all the stress and screaming to get them out of bed, dressed, eat breakfast and in the car!!! I now have the pleasure of driving to not one but two different!
Then race to work, meetings, emails, phone calls etc etc. After 7 hours of work drive to ICA to get dinner (cause I am not an organized planner who has a weekly menu of meals). Run up to Dagis to pick up M, drive off to pick up N. Make dinner, feed kids, give girls a bath ...........all the while breaking up fights and kissing boo boo's and clipping and coloring........blah blah blah.
Where is my husband you ask? Working!
Workout: See above
Calories burned: At least 500
Alcohol intake: You bet, one glass of red wine
Food: Fat dish of Pasta Carbonara ( left off the egg) and chose healthy brown bread as opposed to white bread to dip in Olive oil and sea salt, cucumber & carrot sticks and cherry tomatoes
Energy level: Zero

Sov så gott :-)
PS- Picture from our vacation on the west coast (Bohus-Malmön) to help calm me down and have something relaxing and nice to look at.

Day 42 – 44 Running Out (Of Everything)

Dear G&C2, this summer seems to be running out of sunny days.
We're running out of vacation days.
Our garden must be running out with patience with us.
Also fear that our neighbours at home are running out of patience with our garden.
So we're running out of time in our special Summer village.
I'm running out of ambition to take summerish photos.
I long for home and I don't want to leave.
There are so many things that we planned that we still haven't done. Still need more time with my family, still need more bathing. Still need to swim with A, both in pool and sea.
But worst of all: my Nike+ sensor is running out of battery! Totally.

I've ordered one from but it hasn't arrived, and maybe it wont until after we have left. So then I wont have a sensor in Stockholm either. How will I ever get close to beating G without a sensor?

WORKOUT: Day 42 and 43, before my sensor gave up, I ran a little more than 6k each day. The strangest thing happened day 43 as I ran along the sea. All of a sudden there were men in costumes and women in cocktail dresses. I thought there must be a wedding going on, and then I saw the bride and groom. But when I came closer I saw they were in their 50's, had wet hair and wore bathrobes. They laughed when I told them about my misunderstanding and pointed out the real bride and groom on the rocks.
They're not running out of time. For them life (as married) just started! It's good to think about, isn't it?

C2 I'm so glad you're running and G I'm happy you'll join my yoga. Try to stay calm until I get my new sensor, will'ya? And C2, take it easy. Like Murakami says: you should stop running when you feel that you still could keep on going.
About wine: yep, the 100 days club learns that you have to mind BOTH the workout and the food&drinks. We have proved that so many times. Just have to learn to live like we learn…

Monday, August 3, 2009

Day 44 From No Movement To Triathlon.............

Dear G & C,

My body is in pain. Legs and feet are the worst. I went from a lazy fat cow for weeks on vacation to excercising three days in a row! I even have 2 blisters to prove it thanks to my new sneakers.Tomorrow I will take a break.
I started my day walking my girls to dagis and school then continued on to complete a 5km walk.
Was thrilled to be home but hot, sweaty and thirsty. Come to find out I left my key's on M's stroller which was at dagis. UUUGHH! So I first jumped into our pool to cool off and took a swim, then jumped onto my bike and rode back to dagis to get the key. Arrived at dagis and had to hide in the bushes so M wouldn't see Mamma back there as it was a bit of drama dropping her off after 5 weeks vacation.

When all was said and done I arrived back home after 11am and was exhausted!! First day alone in a long time so I took advantage and had an afternoon nap :-)

Back to the office tomorrow. I think I did enough workout for both today and tomorrow. Will continue to try to behave with food intake though. Always hard when going out to lunch with colleagues........
How are you ladies doing? C are you back in Stockholm? G can u please mail me info re:race we spoke about at the end of Aug? More later...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Day 43 Last Day Of Summer Vacation........But I Am Now Up & Running YES!!!


I have managed to get all the gadgets working and get my first walk/run recorded here. Yes!!
Spent my last vacation day of the summer with the family. First we went on a little boat trip, however like any typical Swedish summer day (sorry C) we started out in shorts, then had to put on our sweaters, then rain jackets and finally back to sunshine and shorts again.
We ended our boat tour at J where we enjoyed a very nice brunch. I am happy to report for the most part I wine or alcohol, no bread, no potatoes or korv. I ate salad, lax and melon with water to wash it all down. My weakness is dessert.So I had some chocolate cake and rasberry pie :-) Had a lovely time in the sun and just tried to breathe and take in the day.
Tonight after speaking with G and heard she had run and actually came by my house to try and get me to do the same I said I must go for a walk/run. Need to see if the ipod+nike thing will work. Happy it did and happy to be on the board....not happy about returning to work this week.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Day 42 End of summer vacation & start of a healthy me!!

Hi C & G,

Although I am sad that my summer vacation is coming to an end, I am happy and excited to face my challenge to get in shape and get motivation from you two. When back to work and handling the day to day stress of dropping off & picking up from dagis, meetings etc etc I will have less time to eat and drink wine. Hopefully this will mean a thinner and happier me!!

Frustrated though with trying to figure out this ipod+nike and trying to synch things etc husband has now successfully set up things for me. Now the problem is that the date and time were incorrect on my ipod when I downloaded info from my walk today. So I can't add my walk of 8+km from today onto the challenge :-( Boo hoo.....any tips to help me?? Well I know I did the walk, so does my body and G!

Tomorrow is my last day of vacation before reality hits hard on Monday. So I will enjoy by reading a book in the am and then taking another walk tomorrow........hope I didn't hold you back too much today G, I was happy that I managed as long as I did.
Till tomorrow,

Day 42- My 4 Letter Word

Dear C & C2,
L said it. My 62kg is from the Wine. Ok, its true. The 100 day club wine rule is now in play. It´s killing my wasteline-even though I feel I run my butt off!
What about when Marakami speaks about the runners body? Where is it?
Went out walking with C2 today. Yoga and running tomorrow!
Kids asleep at 8PM Swedish time-hooray!