Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 30 – 31 Preparing For Easter (All Packing, No Slacking)

Dear G, it was so good to see you and your lovely daughters today. It wasn't planned, but it was also nice to introduce you to one of my sisters. Hope to get to see yours someday.
As you already know, I've spent two days having Easter vacation with the kids as my husband is slaving at the office, trying to get ready for the holiday. Monday we saw the NASA exhibition at Technical Museum with my old father and had the most wonderful lunch at the Etno Museum. The children ordered Lamb Curry, Salmon burgers with coriander and vegetarian lasagna, and they all loved it.
And today you guys came. But otherwise I've been washing, ironing, packing, running up and down the stairs, preventing all kind of disasters and making peace at times too. Didn't get out much it that lovely weather at all.
I guess that is what is vacation – all the laundry is done, and all the clothing decisions too… for a couple of days…

Had hoped to go out running when my husband came home for work, but it did not work out.
Instead: after a day in the car tomorrow I'll run by the sea again. So much looking forward to that!

Wishing you A Very Happy, Sunny, Delicious Easter.
And yes, do enjoy the candy, food and wine!
You are so much worth it,
my dear friend,
says Mrs

Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 29 Gardening & Home

Dear C,

It´s really lovely to be on vacation and actually not go anywhere-though don´t tell my husband that! It´s been a few glorious days of sun, gardening and home projects. The girls are happy playing, biking and helping as well. So different from when they were small. We had only one hitch-C was sick much of last week with a terrible headache and fever so she didn´t go to school. Now she has a cold and cough but I think the pollen really has gotten to her as well.
Although I can´t say I am much of a gardener things are really looking up in the yard, and C´s birthday project  is well under way too. She picked out a lovely (cough cough) purple color for her new room and the sanding and washing walls has begun. The girls are sleeping together for now and it´s actually quite sweet.
Oh yes the exercise part...I went to jympa 3x last week and ran 3 as well. The jympa was great, and the running is getting better too. It´s the hills that kill me, when my legs feel like they are in cement. On week three of this interval program and really liking that it spells out what I should do-as that gives me a little extra push.
On the wine note, last Friday evening I had three glasses of red  ( a little celebration)and I really felt it in my whole body on Saturday! That must have been why my legs were so tired Wine=slow running.
Have been drinking much more water, and not craving sugar at all. Even though the Easter bunny will try and tempt me, I think I´ll be ok. This used to be my favorite Easter candy.
PS down 2 kg!
Lots of xo´s great job C!

PSS 2 months from today I leave for the US!

Day 27 – 29 No Cows On The Ice

Dear G, do you know what's your Ambassador Matthew Brown's favorite Swedish expression?
Ingen ko på isen. No cows on the ice. Back from the days when people were constantly thinking about their cows. Saying that when there are no cows on the ice there is nothing to worry about.
Come to think about it, that's pretty reassuring, isn't it?
Since I came back from Milan I've not had any specific cows on the ice.
Sunday I ran 9 k on the north side of the bay, thinking about no more important things than that there is no ice left at all … to place cows on. But one thing really struck me: every year I'm obsessed with melting snow. Wishing for spring, praying for degrees over zero, condemning and yelling bad words to the snow, the dirt and ice.
But when my prayers are answered I all of a sudden remember: Spring makes me so allergic! I am, in fact, poisoned by tree pollen, and more so than almost anyone I know.
I mean, how stupid can a person get?
Praying to be poisoned?
So I'm taking the strongest medicines against allergy there is – and I'm running.
Having a little asthma it feels as if I had put on 15 k when I run, or as I'm running in deep snow. But keeping lungs in shape is the best way to conquer (seasonal) asthma.
And when the trees are done those 15 k plus will be like 5 minus.
There are no cows on the ice.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 23 – 26 Living Milanese

Dear G, il Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan is difficult to describe. Even if you for years have heard people say that is so big and fancy you can't imagine it you'd be surprised by seeing it.
It is huge.
And fancy.
Apart from being big it also changes your taste, or even personality.
The relaxed person that likes a nice and intellectual mixture of furniture from last century all of a sudden CRAVES luxury, modernity, style and glamour.
And all of a sudden living in the hotels
largest suite with a view over both Milan and les Alpes seems very natural…We booked to late, and that is way we had to cope with (the ridiculous expensive price for) a big terrace, a huge marbled bath room and furniture that said: why bother to make the town?

But then again, as that is the purpose of the journey you just have to put on a summerish dress, some comfy sandals and get lost in the surreal and surely commercial world of Design.
Walking, talking, looking, asking and, if you have a bad back like mine, being grateful that a furniture fair has A LOT of chairs and sofas that can be tried.

And then it is time for lunch: pasta, gnocchi or risotto as a starter, followed by meat and maybe rocket sallad, served with wine and after that it is either: A. macchiato and a dessert or B. you won't make it.

Cause there are so many more pieces of furniture to see, before dinner is served in exactly the same way pasta, gnocchi or risotto as a starter, followed by meat and maybe rocket sallad, served with wine and after that it is either: A. macchiato and a dessert like vanilla ice cream with fresh berries or B. you won't make it.
Only it might be a little more wine.

No wonder a furniture fair is tiring.
A good thing: the first day I used the hotel's fitness room. Ran on a treadmill and cycled, plus did some yoga on the terrace. But otherwise: this is NOT a 100 days club life style.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 26? jilla jympa

Dear C,
I am sorry I seem to have lost track of the days-though I am still with you and working hard. This week C has been sick with a terrible headache and fever so I am with her looking out at the sunshine and waiting for L to come home so I can run!
After our last conversation I reminded myself how some of the lbs came off during one of our 100 days-and that was running and jympa together! So since it is jilla jympa week I decided to go back. Sunday, was the first time and the next day I felt it. It inspired me to do this on the opposite days of running or when I can sneak one in. Have gone 2x this week and still running 3x interval program (13 weeks) and am on week 2. Yay, it does get easier and you must have sent some warm weather from Italy as I even ran with just a short sleeve shirt  (and pants) the other day.
Perhaps it is because we are studying nocturnal animals in my class but I found myself looking for little burrows and holes that I could take pictures of for my class while running in the woods. Lots of things coming to life. I almost stepped on this couple and was going to scoot them off the road until I saw what was actually happening. Then I decided not to interupt...
PS Need to catch up on the latest Murakami!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 16 – 22 Japanese Obsession (part 2)

Dear G, I have to admit – I've been obsessed with Japan, again.
This time it's Haruki Murakami's fault. I mean, first of all: why couldn't he write just ONE new novel? Why did it have to be three?
And more: why did he write it so that I just can't stop reading it? Yeah, I know, it is his profession and he wants the books to sell, but why does he have to add the sort of food and cooking descritions that makes me not only obesessed with the book, no books, but also craving Japanese food?
I've been down to the local Sushi, the one in Centrum, a couple of times to many when reading 1Q84. You know that sushi rice is full of sugar, and the Centrum sushi is not really worth it.
But I know what sushi that IS worth it, and eventually, I just had to go to Råkultur, my absoulte favourite Japanese restaurant. Please, please let me take you there! We could buy jeans and then have food this delicious:
Aha, you wonder if the new Murakami novel is good? Can't tell, I just can't stop reading it. It is a little odd, and I don't know how to say it in your language, but in mine I'd say:
Haruki Murakami is a dirty old lobster.
And frankly, I prefer eating lobsters to reading them.
But apart from that, he is a magician. Penis-, sex- and breast obsessed, but a magician.
Råkultur's sashimi, in smoky ice …

Didn't run or exercise as much as I should those days, because of pollen, work, reading, bad moral… and more… But one day I did 8 k – 4 + 2 + 2, with small stops to do the posture correction that London demands.
Tomorrow off to Milan, very early.
Summer clothes all seam to small, but I'm bringing my running gear!
Murakami, Murakami …

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 10 – 15 Meals, Motivation, Milan

Dear G, I'm behind with just about everything – running, back exercises, core stability, work, book keeping, A's homework, the dress she needs to wear for tomorrows dance day, and even blogging. Most of all: blogging.But even if far too many days have passed (I'm ashamed) I have had the club in mind. Tuesday to Friday I missed my back exercises a couple of times, and also the scheduled Tuesday and Thursday Core stability. But I've tried to make up for it this weekend, and Saturday I went running. And as you can see I've been eating well…
No, I didn't cook any of this, but I ate. Both the Salma Salmon above and this couscous with chicken, rosted pepper, grapefruit and salad …

And you're right, we need motivation and a goal (or two).
A race, yes, but which? This is too close, don't you think? I've also decided to treat myself with a new pair of jeans as soon as I'm back to normal size. Which should be around day 50, if I keep it up.
And I will.
And I shall.
Next Monday I'm going to Milan for work a couple of days (Furniture Fair). Have to look very deep into my wardrobes for spring/summer clothes to wear… As always asked this time of the year: will they fit? Or not?
Time and coming week's running will tell,
xxxx C

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Days 10-13 Motivation?

Dear C,

Good start to the week, sloppy end. Didn´t accomplish really any excercise Weds, Thurs or Friday. Not good.

I know this is ridiculous but I want toned thighs. Although not the point of the 100 days it´d be nice.

This quote sums it up for me at the moment.

"It's not what you are that holds you back, It's what you think you're not".-  Denis Waitley

Happy weekend!