Monday, September 28, 2009

Day 100 – A Great Success, Totally Murakami

Dear readers, you must admit that our last 100 days club was a great success.
Like G already said: totally Murakami (if a specific Japanese author and marathon runner ever reads this – thank you for being our guru).
Ok, we might have had a little more wine than suggested at times than the rules suggested. And even more coffee… But we have both improved our snack habits. We've had less sugar, less cookies, less crap food and more food. I think…
We've been both doing some yoga, and now we're doing the powerful dynamic yoga that gives strength, flexibility and muscles. Where as the relaxing part can be made at home…
And most of all – we have been running! Mostly in sunshine (it was hot, remember?) but also in rain. In those 100 days
G ran 411.45 k
C ran 289.83 k
Together we made 701.28 k!

Finally, we made the super hilly last ten k:s of Lidingöloppet (speaking of Chinese torture…), the Lidingö tjejlopp.
C made it on 1.03.52 with a cold in her body.
G made it on 1.05.43 with an ear infection!
(Next year we'll both go under one hour…).

About my personal goals:
1. To run – not obsessed in periods, but moderate every week. On my personal goals: I was obsessed at periods, but only had one week (in delicious Denmark) without running.
2. To not let the vicious circle of bad sleep + coffee + sugar + a little too much wine take over my vacation and summer. There were many days when I had to have coffee after a messy night with my 2-yearold (or the others), but I had a lot less sugar and wine.
3. To run the Tjejmilen August 30 and Lidingö tjejlopp September 27. I'm not aiming at a certain time (yet), but just to run the 10 k in both competitions. Didn't do the Tjejmilen because of sick kids, a cold and no night sleep, and regretted it so much. So it was a good thing to run the Lidingöloppet though the cold. Wouldn't have been able to do that without all the running the last 100 days.
4. I will blog every day, but if it's ok by you I'll blog about the day that passed next morning, so that I can go to bed when I need to. I'll also try to blog a little shorter in my new moderate style. Have been blogging a lot. I think it has been good for my English too.
5. I will be more serious about my yoga. Am getting more serious about the yoga. I believe yoga is the perfect wife for Mr Running.

And now new adventures are waiting. We are taking a three days break, but will be back already October 1 for a sweet little 50 days challenge.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day 100- Congratulations!

Dear C,
We did it! First goal completed. It feels good to have that done. Even with lifes obstacles it is possible.
So as you can see I rewarded myself with a nice, strong latte.
This week I will start a different kind of training. Along with the running I will bike, and attend an Army boot camp class.
Time to train the whole body, and get better strength.
Hope you are proud and feel good! Thanks for being a great friend and 100 day partner.
Totally Murakami, Until the 30th of Sept. signing off.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Day 99 - Stressed Out!

Dear C,

Where do I begin? It has been too long since I have written. My body is stressed, and I can´t seem to calm it down. My shoulders are high, the knots hurt, and for some crazy reason my ear is bleeding. It must be an ear infection but it doesn´t really hurt. Though when I think about it perhaps I have been a bit dizzy (more than the usual).

How do we become mindfull? That we can get into a zone and just let go. Yoga does this but there isn´t much time for the relaxing part in yoga she is so busy with the chinese torture. This rushing reminds me of a little story "Slowly, Slowly, Slowly," said the Sloth really a tribute to the rainforest but a question of why we rush as well.
Running does this but my body doesn´t want to now. But I will go on, and do the best I can.
Today we went shopping because the girls have been wearing too small shoes. Now they both have the same size feet, and there are no hand me downs. Then we went to löplabbet and I got new running sneakers. This may help my knots? Anyway the shopping took ages we got way more than we set out for and the kids became cranky and hungry.
Tomorrow the girls will go to a birthday party instead of watching mom run. We said they could choose and of course the thought of candy is much more fun...
So I made my 400k goal. that is nice. Hope I make 10 tomorrow!
Much more to come in the future for us!
PS I need your for registration for vassaloppet.
XXG Should we walk over together?

Day 95 – 99 Cold & Celebration

Dear G, so what happened? A few days before the race L got a cold. And so did I.
Poor nightsleep, and many questions around the race. I had decided and planned for reaching the 300 k at day 100, but realised I had to choose.
Either ignore the cold and run enough to reach 300 by Sunday.
Or try to rest and get healthy by race day.

Decided to stick to the race, but as we are getting worses I wonder if I did the right thing. But the choice is made and there will take a lot more than a cold to stop me tomorrow.

So my goals are the ones Murakami had for New York Marathon (free from memory)
No walking – I'm a runner (might do exceptions for Karin's backe, the steep that is more like a wall).
I will make it to the goal.
And I will have fun.

Speaking of fun, we had a little celebration this week. The night between Wednesday and Thursday we counted 12 years since CJ kissed me the first time – we have been a couple since.
Six years by ourselves, six years with children under 2.
Everything is so symbolic.

How about your last 100 days?
See you tomorrow,
your friend
ps oh yes, we had champagne with a toast followed by cod with shrimps, butter sauce and horseraddish. Safron Ice cream for dessert… Already told you that story…

Monday, September 21, 2009

Day 93 – 94 Pillow Position, Pillow Prison

Dear G, the girl you might know as a sweet, curly, 2-yearold little L is about to drive her parents insane.
I know I've been on this subject over and over again, but sorry, I'm not done.
You know the problem: L wants to use my belly as her pillow. When she wakes up and the pillow is exchanged to what you and I would call "a real pillow", she goes to fetch the pillow she likes.
The pillow that is a middle aged woman who needs to sleep 7-8 hours to be at her top.
The pillow that gets panic every evening because she fears what's coming up.
The pillow that after almost seven years of pregnancies, breastfeeding, babies and toddlers in bed thinks that she deserves her own body.
As opposed to Pillow Prison.

The night between Saturday and Sunday I never slept more than two hours in a row. CJ woke me up when he went to bed, then just a little more than an hour later L came to fetch me. I tried to get her to sleep (deep enough so that I could leave) an hour and a half. Less than an hour later she was back. So I said to CJ that I was too tired to get back to her bed, so I had to let her sleep in our bed.
At that point my dear husband decided to do something about it. He went to L's room and tried to put her to sleep again. It made her furious. She cried and screamed, and I felt bad and couldn't sleep either. But eventually, he succeded.
At seven the others woke up.
CJ was too tired to get up. So who remained?

Yesterday, we decided that the little girl should be put to bed by her Dad. That is the only solution: that he teaches her that she can (and must) sleep without her Mom.
Two hours she screamed for Mom – until 10 pm. She was so angry, angrier than the other two ever were.
After that she woke up twice. I thought it was crucial for her to get some sleep, so I helped her the first time. The second time I asked CJ to take her, but he was sleeping so deeply that he didn't answer.
Like he was dead or something.
So I layed in L's bed, tucked her in the best I could, got panic and ended up as a pillow. Tried to sneak out, she woke up again, pillow position… I think you get how it goes…
So when I got back to my bed it was 5.36 pm.
Then the alarm clock rang.

I keep forgetting things. Like to call you to say that we have a parents meeting at the preschool tomorrow, so I can't make it to the yoga. Will you stretch for me too?

And yes, apart from the sleep thing, I love all my children – A, J & L. And meeting those three pals today running 5 k (instead of 10, as planned) made me remember.
Do you think they let their Mom sleep?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day 93- Indian Summer

Dear C, I love that you dine with "the" gourmet chef. L goes to those restaurants when his colleagues from the US are in town. You and CJ obviously are in another food class than me, as your meals look delicious. I think I am a terrible cook and L is a total meat and potato man.
Friday night, I went to a girls 40 party at Vassa Eggen. It was a total scene! Obviously, I don´t go over the bridge very often (or to the Stureplan scene). My American friends and I went overboard, and I did drink too much. When my friends went to the bar at 2:00AM I snuck out and took a cab home. Fun, yes but crazy and I felt yucky in the morning. Felt guilty about what I had done to my body and ran just over 9k. This is the part of the 10k that I think gets hard. It goes up and up then down down then up! September has been a fantastic month for running! The days have been so clear and crisp it makes running so enjoyable. Got out for another just under 10 day today. Am trying to reach the 400 mark by race day! Though will really take it easy this week. Especially as you can see below as there is a cold brewing in my head. I have not written as I feel there isn´t so much to say when working, kids, working, and kids everyday. Oh, one thing C has her first loose tooth and is very excited at the idea of it coming out. Really it makes me a bit sqeemish.
1 week left. XOXG PS: Fantastic showing at the track. You kick butt!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 91 – 92 Life As It Happens

Dear G, Friday I was invited to lunch by Melker Andersson, gourmet chef and owner of restaurants like Fredsgatan 12, Kungsholmen, Grill and Smak. By the way, he also has a silver medal of Bocuse d'Or and at least one Michelin Star.
Here is Melker himself, holding a little speach about his life, his wife, the tv-show he had been to the same morning and of course, his latest cookbook. It's a homestyle cookbook, kind of odd, he said, as he's never at home. His wife pulling the wagon of their 7-months baby back and forth, laughed politely.
The lunch was held at his private home just outside Stockholm. I was transported there in a big cab, suddenly stopped by a great man standing in the road. It was one of Sweden's most famous radio hosts, asking for Melker Andersson's house. So he got in the cab…

Arriving at Mr Andersson's we had cava (Spanish Champagne), some amuses and then grilled Porchetta(meat) served with all sorts of side dishes.
Afterwards we had Clafoutis with cherries, cherry sauce and whipped cream. We also got to see his house, obviously styled by an interior decorator, very un-Swedish in every aspect of the word.
Leaving I received a copy of the cookbook, with a dedication from the chef to my maiden name.
The whole experience was somehow surreal. Was I travelling in time? Was it a strange coincidence, perhaps even a mistake, that I was invited? Or was this afternoon the beginning of my new life?

Perhaps not. Saturday our family was four double booked. There was the obligatory fixing day at the preschool (if you don't come you get to rinse the toilets, or similar), the big track and field athletics day at A's school (a great chance to get to know the new friends), A's tennis (with her best friend) and J's gymnastics (with his best friend) – all for children and all at the same hour.
So we packed some sandwiches, coffee and the three children in the car, started early at the preschool and worked efficiently. Then, an hour late, arrived to the sports field. Yes, the very same sports field were I, in my schooldays, learned to hate track and field athletics so deeply.
There are pros and cons with being a homie.

Something has changed, however. At 15, I realised I'm a runner – not a short distance runner, but a middle or long distance runner. And as adults, we all get the opportunity to be judged for other things than our ability to do athletics. Which, in my opinion and position, is a move in the right direction.
So in a very good mood I did the long jump, the 60 m race and a 400 m relay. Thanked our club that I'm in a much better shape than most of the mothers and have a lot less to sit on.

Running the 400 m relay I was even so fast the photographer couldn't get me. The photographer taking care of three kids, that is… I'm first in the far right, and then in the middle, just about to hand over the stick.

Life is changing, life has changed. And of course there is gold at the end of the rainbow!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 90 – Crossing The Bridge, From One Country To Another

What about this goal, running from Denmark to Sweden on June 12, the anniversery of Øresundsbron?
The race is a half marathon with a significant view over the sea. The bridge will be closed for cars that day, just like when it opened ten years ago.
They will serve brunch in Denmark, the race starts at 4 pm and ends up in Malmö, where my sister lives.
Shall I sign us up?

ps Yeah, June 12 is our wedding day. I hope my crowd will celebrate us after the race. There will be many reasons to drink Champagne.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 89 Babble

Dear C,
Not sure if this makes any sense. My brain is mush, tomorrow I must work, bring the kids to swimming and go back to work for "meet the teachers" evening.

In running there are hills you must climb, places you must stop and see, water breaks, time outs, seasons, lows, highs...
This is what the past 86 days has done. It has really reminded me of me. The things that I can do and have done. Is it perfect? Absolutely not. Though its better and FUN. Me, I like the challenge, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow-you see progress. The 30k ski-perfect mid-winter goal. The Dalarna house is 1hr from the start. For me goals should often be a bit out of reach-otherwise what would one strive for?? I like to be an overacheiver, to have a plan, to see the light at the end of the tunnel. One word overdrive.

Please if you want write in Swedish do. There is a google application that translates whole pages as well. I quite by accident turned our whole blog Swedish the other day with this-then had to turn it back. If you can´t race, don´t, if you eat a bun-who cares. Life goes on, for every step back you will take two steps forward. You are a runner!

I´ll end this babble with some interesting facts that you may not know about my previous life:

I have lived and hiked for 6 months on the applachaian trail.
I had a reporter boyfriend who sought out trouble and got us into plenty now contributes to the New York times regularly.
My parents never let me watch TV as a kids or teenager.
I love sports, American football, baseball- all of them watching, playing, cheering. A true Boston fan!
When I arrived in Sweden I weighed 122lbs.

Funny, crazy, figuring it out.


PS to spent to download pics.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 81 – 88 On Old Life – And New

Dear G, I've been so incredibly exhausted that I don't have words for it. Especially not in English.
Especially not late at nights, when I plan to blog but just need to go to bed. Or to take care of the laundry, the
schoolbags, the
excursion-meals or whatever it is…

A short resumé: L also had Tamiflu, but some days later the test said it wasn't the new flu. Thank God? Or should it have been better if it was done and over? I don't know.
But after the doc called it was as if all my worries turned into a great fatigue. A mother is taking responsibility and staying calm in whatever situation, but sometimes another feeling hits her: "I'm too small for this and where is MY MOM?"
Answer: In her greatest carreer… Abroad … Very occupied…
And doesn't want to get sick.
I could do with any grandma or granddad, but as you know we don't have anyone to help us.

Even more exhausting is L's sleeping habits.
When sick, all kids wake up their parents, but L does it for hours. And even when healthy she wakes me up every night. I have a choice: either I go back with her to her bed and lay there for an hour or two until she falls asleep again.
Or I let her sleep in our bed, which means that neither CJ or I sleep well for the rest of the night. People tell me that I should teach her to sleep all night in her own bed. And I say, yes, what a great idea. Welcome! I know I need to be firm and tell her what the rules are, but to do that you have to be strong and not too tired.
And I am too tired. Far too tired…
Speaking of sleep, please read Good Night And Tough Luck from where I've stolen the illustration.

What else: CJ went to an overnight conference in west coast Gothenburg. Afterwards we were treated with lovely shellfish. Unfortunately, both J and L are crazy about it. And they don't peel themselves.

And more: I've been low. Sunday I was so tired I couldn't even run 4.6 without constantly stopping. I have stress marks in my face. And I do have problems that I need to solve and things in my head that have higher priority than the blog and the club.
There are times when I need to take short breaks from it, otherwise it is more of a burden than a help. And even though great plans are kind of fun to dream about, I think I have to stay realistic. There are so many musts and bad consciences anyway.
You are so enthuastic and such a great support, but sometimes when I look at the blog and see that you've run the double (again) it gets me. And I'm wondering about my English. Am I making a fool of myself? I should do spelling check, but as my blogger is in Swedish I have to copy the text and do spelling check in Word, and then correct it again in blogger. Then every entry would take hours, and I don't have that time.

On the good side: Those last days lack of sleep takes me back to old times, when I needed coffee and some chocolate just to be able to stand up.
This is how tired I've been last week. But there is one big difference. I took a break from the blog, but not the club.
I did run.
Even though I was
so tired I had to stop the sensor and rest.
Twice the 10 k of Lidingöloppet. First time I had to rest a lot, second time I only rested twice, and even ran an extra 1.4 (because of E's challenge).
This is just before Abborrbacken, when everything seems calm and under control.

Then comes the horrifying sign. Looks as nothing to worry about, but here the Torture K of uphills starts.

48 m over the sea, it's over. Or that is: just another hilly five remains.

WORKOUT: All togehter 34.31 k. I even won E's latest race. That was a good thing, because right now I need some treats for my self esteem.

Missed you at the yoga. After 10 k Monday and 11.48 k Tuesday it was just the best. Though I almost fell asleep.
Hope to hear from you soon,
your friend

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day 86 - Keep your eye on the Prize!

Dear C,

Everyone has "low" days. Nobody expects superwoman-except you. You have gotten me through 86 days + hundreds of others. Together we have become, stronger, faster, thinner and yes at times even a bit happier! Tomorrow is a new day and remember that I am cheering you on in every aspect of life no matter what.

"In running, it doesn't matter whether you come in first, in the middle of the pack, or last. You can say, 'I have finished.' There is a lot of satisfaction in that." -Fred Lebow, New York City Marathon

"Racing teaches us to challenge ourselves. It teaches us to push beyond where we thought we could go. It helps us to find out what we are made of. This is what we do. This is what it's all about." -PattiSue Plumer, U.S. Olympian

"No pain, no gain." - Athletic proverb

"Run hard, be strong, think big!" - Percy Cerutty

"Workouts are like brushing my teeth; I don't think about them, I just do them. The decision has already been made." - Patti Sue Plumer, U.S. Olympian

“If you want to become the best runner you can be, start now. Don’t spend the rest of your life wondering if you can do it.” Priscilla Welch

Running is a big question mark that’s there each and every day. It asks you, ‘Are you going to be a wimp or are you going to be strong today?’” Peter Maher

"Running is my church." Joan Van Ark

Yesterday got my hair done by Juan. I think its well done. He was a bit cocky and commented on my last hair cut and color. Part of the charm I guess.
Got out some this week of Indian summer weather. Ran 9.5 today (didn´t really want to tell you that on the phone). Parts of me ache not sure if its from yoga? Have eaten some things that I shouldn´t have...especially while home with M.

Stay with me,

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day 82 - Tick Tock

Dear C,

Today as you know I was home from work with a sick M. Wouldn´t it be nice if we could sleep like this? I´d say I did not accomplish anything at all on this day even when she slept. Mostly, I checked out training for x-country skiing and surfed things that are totally irrelevant. For example vacation homes, great white shark sightings on Cape Cod (where my sister is on vacation), read about the US Open, and the little firecracker Melanie Oudin, a 17 year old American who is now in the quarter final.
L came home really late and it was already almost dark. I rushed out the door and ran also looking for the green signs so I could tell you the closest from your house. I lost them at kämpavägen, but I definately saw two or three greens from the church to kämpavägen but couldn´t figure out if it continued up the hill past the soccer field all the way across toward stockby or not?
Will be home tomorrow too. L conveniently left his computer at the office and he must have it...
Made spinach soup (which was not that nice) today, that is the only healthy thing I ate. A lot of really heavy cheese and crackers, and a popsicle from the ice cream truck. Being home is not good for my eating habits!
About the yoga: I actually wish she would correct me a bit more. That way I would feel better about the position, and also it would likely be better for my shoulders. Legs were a bit jelly like while running. I felt every step!
Hoping you get some alone time tomorrow.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Day 78 – 80 Post Party! (And What A Party…)

Dear G, I'm so tired. I'm tired in every way there is to be tired. Even tired of being tired.
J had a the calmest of birthdays. A said quite cruely "this doesn't feel like a birthday", and I see what she meant, but under the circumstances it was the best we could wish for. Turning four J was still very tired and so pale, but well enough to help me to bake the cake he had wished for: an apple & watermelon cake. Absolutely no cream. Just fruits. He is so healthy, how come he gets more sick than anyone else?
I had never heard about a apple & watermelon cake before, so we really made it up as we baked it. And the little man claimed it was the best cake he ever had. Do I have to tell you his sisters did not agree?
Instead of a birthday party (postponed, but not forgotten) we've had crying parties with feverish L at nights.
Late nights, early mornings – we've had it all.
She gets Tamiflu too, but I think she might be having an ear infection. I know that isn't nice to say, but I was so concerned about J and when L also turned sick I was really to tired to handle it. Instead of praying for her life I just wanted to scream: SLEEP! Sleep, and sleep in your own bed, I'll get you anything if you just SLEEP.
The bar is open 9 pm – 7 am.
This is what kills me, and CJ can't really help me, as she is totally mother-craving when sick. (Also when not sick, but not as hysterically so…) And of course, the nightly parties have been waking him up too, so we're two tired parents trying not to explode.
Today that normally so happy and sunny little girl has been so ANGRY. I never seen her so angry! Though she explained it to me: I'M NOT ANGRY, I'M JUST SAYING NO!
I surely hope M doesn't get the same. Tummy aching and very sleepy were J's first sign… But if, just call me, I know everything about it now… Tomorrow we're going back to dr David, and hopefully we'll find out if the ghost is gone or still alive …
I say it again: you can't believe how tired I am. Or maybe you are the one that would know…
So what kept me alive? I've been running. Both Sunday and Monday. For a change I've chosen the south side of the bay instead of the north, getting some hill training. I want to prepare for the hilly running we're doing September 27, and I also needed something new. Today I even run the most hilly part twice, the one next to the bay (passing Ekholmsnäs). I actually enjoy the hilly running. Makes the running less monotone, don't you think?

WORKOUT: 7.89 + 7.86 k, a little yoga yesterday but no stretch at all today. I was lost in the woods and very late for dinner… But so glad I could get out and let go of the worry…

ps. Be glad that your party is over and done! And no, they wouldn't get the present-lacking party idea. They wouldn't get it at all. But I'll tell you a little secret: boys get better gifts. No Hello Kittens or Hi Plastic Bunnies, no boxes of 1000 cheap pearls in every vulgar colour. And certainly no high heels for 4 years-old with feathers.
But when they get bad things, they are much worse.
Soundmaking Parents Torture.
Screaming cars, exploding rockets.
Hells Angels or Drug dealer's estethic.
And Death.
All of a sudden you'd long for Hello Kitty …
So I have another idea. Let's allow ourselfes to be a little snobbish again. Introducing The Posh Party, saying in the invitation that only full quality pedagogic presents are wished for.
Ok, maybe it's not such a great idea… My head might be out of function.
So it's time to say:

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Day 79 & 80 Post Party & ??

Dear C,
How is everyone? M had her party and I ate cake. We spent much of the day cleaning and preparing and hoping the weather held out. It did, we survived and used "our" playground as a base.
Perhaps in the future we should host present free parties?? Maybe plant a tree or save a child in a third world country instead. Would our 4 year olds understand this? Or what about a book party? On the invite write: please books only! Do not bring sparkly purses, anything hello kitty, or boxes filled with thousands of tiny beads...
Yesterday we all went to bed tired, but got up and out. Now Ms. M has a tummy ache and doesn´t seem to feel well. She fell asleep at 6 and is out. Sooooo we will see.
Ran last night 7k but ate some junk over the weekend and exceeded my two glasses of wine. Not great, but it was the weekend. Back to normal today and gearing up for yoga.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Day 78 What a difference a day makes

Dear C,
By now I hope things are a bit better for you and the kids and you were able to celebrate J´s 4th birthday. It is nice to hear that the meds for the "new flue" seem to work if it is in fact that.
Yesterday, when arriving home from work I just had to decompress from the week. As I started out it was sunny with a little wind, but as I kept going I was running with the clouds. The forest turned darker, and the wind got stronger. This made me run faster, am not sure why but everyone I met was looking up and wondering. By the time I arrived home it was raining but not too hard.
Today, another beautiful, sunny day. Easy to run a quick 6k. I feel good even though my shoulders have some issues. I know that my back muscles are very weak-and before I can really dig in the training at the gym I must solve the problem. Mostly, it comes with the rushing, and work. The one thing I know is that it gets worse without movement so that is why I keep going.
Preparing for M´s birthday party tomorrow. Party bags and baking a cake now. Many well wishes to you all. Get strong, and take a deep breath.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Day 76 - 77 This Is Nothing To Joke About

Guess who was Dr David's first Tamiflu patient?
My son.
The very one that is turning four tomorrow.
He's been having very high fever, heavy breathing and an aching stomach. By the way he also has an ear infection. A New flue test is taken, Dr David will call us Monday or Tuesday.
Now L also has fever.
I'm sleeping in their room to wake up if there are more breathing problems.
They say that the new flue is not dangerous. People get panic without reason. It's just dangerous for the "risk patients".
Like my son for example…
Wish us luck,
WPRKOUT: obviously not running. But I'm so glad you liked the yoga. And as soon as I get a chance, I will conquer the world. Starting with E's new challenges

Day 75 September!

Dear G, September IS a beautiful month.
Not too cold, not too hot. Kids can be at their schools or preschools, mothers have time to develop their professionell skills.
Maybe even have time to enjoy the fresh, crispy air by running.
That is, of course, if their kids are healthy enough to be at there places.
Unlike my son, the big apple lover, the wonderful person that gets so easily sick. Noone has ever scared me like he does when he turns sick. Great love, lots of fear.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day 75 September!

Dear C,
September has arrived and many plants in the forest have started to turn brown but it still is warm and feels like summer by the water. Some of the most beautiful flowers are still blooming and so colorful. The other day I ran by a beautiful garden so I had to go by again today.
Today some muscles that I didn´t even existed hurt-so it felt better to just keep going. Yoga, was different than I thought it would be- better. It challenged, stretched, and made me think of some very important things such as balance, and my flabby stomach. My mind didn´t wander and I didn´t think about much-but maybe too little? After a long day at work, and in Swedish my brain is mush. Overall, it will be great-good training and a lovely weekly ritual.
Getting back to the September. Time is flying. I can´t remember if I actually registered for the Lidingö loppet? Then I looked online and saw that you can only register on the day of the race now-ugh!
Also am so glad that we will continue the next 100 days as we are really just getting going!
PS Do you know the area where I should look for place for skiloppet? Hard for me to know where these things are from web site.
Today: 5.4km
Food, though need to eat more ( can you believe I am writing that)? Not so much time during day for anything, including eating! Barely have had breakfast or lunch this week.
Could use good stretch after today but am so done for today!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day 73 – 74 Reaching New Hights

Dear readers, yesterday I had so much fever for a while that I couldn't even fix my daughters lunch.
No, it's not the new flue, it's just a cold mulitplicated with no sleep. Nothing to worry about, happens to moms all over the world…
Today I'm much better, and this very evening G & I started a new chapter in our search for better lives.
I have suggested to G that she should join the class of my favourite yoga teacher – here demonstrating a hand stand on a mountain in Bolivia (might seem like a strange thing to do, but to my yogi that's just business as usual).
And today, this historical day, after almost four years and at least 4 1/2 100 days clubs G finally joined me to yoga!

So what did she say? What did she think? Did she like it?
Well, among other things she said "This is Chinese torture". And "You're making me a cripple". Plus even "You're making me do this so that I can't run".
She has a good sense of humor, my friend.
And as everyone knows, there is no way I can beat her in our Nike+ running challenge. I would have to run both another 104 k PLUS what she will be running – in 26 days.
Yoga will make her stronger, and even more dangerous.
God knows what will happen.
We might even end up standing on our hands in Bolivia…