Monday, August 30, 2010

Days 14-22 Over the Rainbow

Dear C,

Time has gone by so fast and I am sorry I have not written more. Right now, everything is so busy it is a blur. Working far too much, trying to keep on top of things. I  managed to run 3x last week.I don´t go home until I have already run and that works because it brings me down and it helps me to focus.If I didn´t do it I´d likely be asking Dr. D for something for my mental status. Amazing, running does help.
The Hippie party was great fun but I poisoned my body with all sorts of things. Felt absolutely out of it yesterday, and entertained the fam for Maddy´s Birthday. I was practically pushing them out the door at 9 because we all needed to go to bed!
I received my number for the Stockholm Half-Marathon...depending on the weather and my status I may run the first 10k for practise for the lidingöloppet. L is running but his number 3005 because he has super times-which is kind of depressing because he barely tries. Why is that?
My kids & L have colds too. Me, am popping  echinacea and keeping my fingers crossed.
Running for the light at the end of the rainbow.

Day 25 – 30 Fish Ginger Soup!

Dear G, I'm still sneezing and coughing like the rest of my family.
Or trying to get the little one back to sleep, more and more desperate…
I'm so sick, I'm so tired and I find myself thinking: this must be the worst cold I've had in five years.
And then I think: No, it isn't. This is just normal.
Come to think about it: Are people ever well? Isn't rain, colds, autumn and this crazy tiredness more normal than running and not rinning noses?

But then I say to myself: HAHA, you little stupid cold, we're eating Fish Ginger Soup, and soon, very soon, we will all recover and I'll run faster and more than ever.
I'll show that little depressed Nike+Mini!
Fish Ginger Soup!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 13–24 Yes, Life!

Dear G, how sad, how unfair.
I've been following Thomasine's blog since you told me about. And since Sunday I read it through again.
It really hits me, and not only because she was such a good writer.
How could she be so strong? She did all that yoga that I constantly plan to do, but neglect and find so many exuces not to do…
And how strange that she writes about places that I told you about in our blog, not knowing how close she was to you – and, geographical, to me. (this picture is taken close to her favourite place, Hoburgen)
I realize that I've met her.
But of course my feelings about this are nothing compared to yours.
I feel so sorry for you.
Let us remember to be thankful for our lives.
And just keep going.

Which is exactly what I have not done the last days.
I've planned to make a long entry about LCHF success of days 7 – 15.
And about the absolute LCHF catastrophy (and joy) of days 16 – 24.
Princesse cakes, chocolate cakes, wine and champagne – good friends and lots of fun – but no running and no yoga. I will post pictures of this happy disaster later, but for now I can only promise you:
I will shape up … but it'll take a couple of days.
We have the worst of colds, all five, and I surely hope that you, C and our wonderful, generous friends (that fixed us the most luxurious dinner) in Lausanne didn't get it.
I'm taking care of my fever, sending lots of love and many thoughts,

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Days 8-14 Life

Dear C,
My "Swedish" family has lost Thomasine. She died last night, and I have felt a bit sad today about that (this picture is from her blog).

On top of the lovely cakes you made I have had lots of yucky things this weekend and don´t feel good about it at all. This week I worked out 2 days with weights and 2 days running and walking. I realized that when I work it is so important to stay away from all the junk that goes around. If you want to picture the stereotypical British person then you´ll just know.

Lidingö loppet is creeping up on us.

With promises to be a better blogger this week with more enthusiasm.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Days 5-7 Suprise

Dear C,
Today, I came home from work and this huge treadmill was out in front of our house. It´s my birthday surprise. The treadmill will be carried down to the basement which will be a gym, office and movie room. The construction project  L began while we were in the US.  All this because he installed a new  heating system which also will heat the basement. In English its called Geo-thermal heat, you know where they dig really deep. Anyway, L decided to save money by installing all of the plumbing and heating system himself. I guess that is how this treadmill came about. Does it sound like I am complaining? No complaints here just the knowledge that I no longer have any excuses when the weather changes, that it is dark and dreary or have the kids. Get this- he has also set up a flat screen tv on the wall in front of the tm. Proudly, he has announced that I can watch all the crazy American reality series while running.  Really a true American dream!
On Saturday I ran 5km. Every part of my body ached and it was hot! Yesterday, was a free day and I layed on the couch for several hours with my kindle. Today, Monday I went to the gym and did circut training for 1 hour. Eating well, but maybe not enough. Pounding loads of water, only 1 glass of wine since the return from vacation (one week). All in all its going well. Looking forward to seeing you.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Days 2-4 Workin at it!

Dear C,

This week, the first week back I have worked harder than any other start to our 100 days.  Not only did I watch what I ate but trained so I felt the poisons from my vacation over indulgences seep out. This includes training pain in places that I had forgotten existed.

On Weds. interval running 30 on 30 off. then  Thurs & Friday more circut and strength training which included the use of my "vacation flippers". I tend to use only when on vacation in warm waters cause after all these years I still think the water is cold here. My flippers and snorkel help me explore the sea or at the pool kick with my little dolphin kickboard til my legs ache. Today with the luxury of a friends pool I had another day from them.

Yesterday I began work again. Strangely, I drove in automatic pilot and had this sick feeling in my stomach. M cried that she wanted to be with Mamma instead of Pappa, and said she will never go back to dagis again (when it hasn´t even started). She knows how to lay the guilt on-even though I am confidant that she will thrive this year especially without a big sister to live up to.

So the unpacking began in my new class filled with boxes and piles the movers so kindly left. The year begins and reality sets in. I sigh on my way home knowing therew are 96 days to look forward to. A skinnier and faster me.

PS: Your pictures of food put me to shame! Also Tuesday, lunch or coffee?


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 12 – Crayfish Crazy

Dear G, there is nothing closer to starvation than sharing a kilo of top quality Swedish signalkräftor with a 4.5-year son and a daughter that just turned 3.
They're not only crazy about it – they do not peel themselves. Instead they just shout MORE!
It gives a new deep to the Swedish expression: Crayfish you eat until you starve to death.

Good thing we had some meet and chanterelles afterwards.
And a superduper LCHF dessert: whipped yolk (no sugar) + melted +70% (whipped together) chocolate + whipped cream (gently mixed). Served with raspberries.
I know dieting is forbidden in our club, but this dessert could make 100 kg people loose their half weight!
If the doctors who's books I read know what they're talking about…

So I surely hope that our local fish shop uses the right recipe…
If not: took the 8k hilly trail south of the bay today, and ran intervalls striaght and uphills. Walked downhills and ended up having run 6 heavy k. It's such good training – and I would never have done it while we did that kilometer Nike+ competition. I'm so glad we don't!

And I made some more decisions: I won't take the 20 10 k competition seriously, and I won't run Stockholm Half Marathon. But I will do either 10 or 15 k of Lidingöloppet and I will run three times a week the whole period of 100 days. Plus do all the physiotherapy back training that I'm asked to do.

Day 11 – The Port Rule

No, my dearest G, sailors can't let every puff of wind decide where to go. It will just make the sails go back and forth. Seglen slår, they flap, and nothing good comes out of that.
Doesn't take the boat anywhere.

Our sailor could go for Port A, Port B or Port C – and surely doesn't know which one he'd prefer.
But he picks one of them. Lets the wind fill the sails, giving them full power and the boat full speed.
She goes straight to Port A – you see how beautifully she sails?
Berthing in Port A our sailor might not find the gas station, grocers's store or nice little restaurant he's looking for. But if he doesn't, he'll just go on to Port B.
Trust me, he'll arrive a lot sooner
than the Mrs Undecisive, that used to be me.

Didn't run, but I had three important phone conversations: with our reader in Lausanne, with you and with my friend Christina. They all meant a lot to me!
Day 11 dinner: gravad and grilled charr, grean broad beans, yoghurt sauce and green sallad. Very LCHF.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 1- Shock

Dear C,

It´s day 1 and I am officially back into the club and from a very long and lazy vacation! Gone are the long beach and pool days, sipping wine, eating gorgeous cheese, and just thinking about running. It´s time to get back in the business of being healthy. I wonder how I let all that hard work just slip away. Well as you know it can be quite easy to do but now these next 99 days are the start of a longer and more courageous journey.

The one thing I did accomplish this summer was I became and avid reader again. This the first time I think since my now very big girls were born. Sure I have read books here and there but my new birthday gift from my sister is more than a gadget it´s well...amazing! I have read over 20 books in the past few weeks-all just a touch away or a quick browse through the New York Times best seller list. They appear within seconds, are a fraction of the cost (especially the price of English books here) and I find myself staying up til all hours of the night reading, just to finish that last chapter. L thinks its much worse than his blackberry which I call his "crackberry" maybe it is.

On day 1 my running felt like I had a camel on my back. It wasn´t pretty. Then I decided to begin some CORE training. Lunges, push-ups, and some other very unbalanced moves on my part. Ohhh I think I lost a kg in sweat and tears. Then I was totally spent I got a headache, and felt sick and had to go to bed early. I am not sure if this is due in part to the workout or also my body going through detox? No wine, no cheese just a very healthy food day. Salad with turkey breast, loads of water, very few carbs-maybe 1 piece of bread.

Tomorrow is a new day. One I am looking forward to. Every day it will become easier and more fun.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 10 – Couscous Confession

Dear G, this wasn't my day. After Mr Physiotherapist's treatment every part of my back hurts as if I'd been in a street fight. So I didn't run the LÖ 20 10km part 2 (10 k Aga – Brevik back and forth, looks great on the map) I planned for. Even though I did I put my running clothes on…
And instead of a carb-free dinner I had couscous with my melon, tomatoes, chicken, mozzarella and green leaf sallad.
I guess you've heard of worse sins.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 9 – On How I Resemble Monica Z

Dear G, I guess you're familiar with the great Swedish singer Monica Zetterlund?
She sang like a queen. She was so sensitive, so stylish, vulnerable, beautiful and exotic.
She had a great integrity.
A lingonberry sprig in a cocktail glass, she was described.
Oh, I would like to resemble Monica Z!
To have her style! I want to look good in dresses, like she did. I want to wear a green knitted sweater like she did in Att angöra en brygga, looking like a queen.
My best motivation for our project the ambition to fit in nice clothes. To get the right size, like I had before I met my love.
I'm in it for fashion.
To be, if not Monica Z, something like her.
Monica Z died in May 2005, while you were pregnant with M and I was pregnant with J. She had scoliosis, with a severe back pain that made her an addict of painkillers. And alcohol. She ended up in a wheel chair, with increasingly difficulties to move.
When her home was set on fire she was not able to leave the appartement.
Monica Z was burned to death.

I do resemble Monica Z.
Not that I'm blond.
Not that I can sing anything like her.
But my back look like hers.
I've had pain from it about every day since I was 20, and by some reason it got a lot worse. More bended. Our Dr D has threatened me that if I don't do anything about it I may also end up in a wheel chair. Immovable like Monica Z.
Or I will have to do a surgery with a 9-12 months of rehabilitations and a 62 % risk of complications, the worst of them dying during surgery.
Which scares me as much. I have two thoughts in my mind. Not like Monica. And who will look after my children?
I've been asked not to run. So I didn't run, and got far worse pain. A doctor said I could run, but carefully. I ran carefully. Or, I don't no what carefully running is, but tried.
Still had back pain.
July 20, I met a doctor who said "oh please, do run, you need to strengthen your body".
Today I met his fellow the physiotherapist, a HULK of 100 kg muscles, from some northern part of our country. I was told to take of all my clothes but the bra and briefs, lie on a bunk, and then he put his full weight on top of me, making my back crunch, crack and scrunch. Over and over again.
It wasn't painful, but so weird!
Mr Physiotherapist Hulk has given me a program to do twice a day.
As I'm not ending up like Monica.
When it comes to the back.

Otherwise, I'm a lot like Monica!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 7-8 Low Carb High Ambition

Dear G, as I've said: I've been reading a LCHF book that some publisher send me to review (I never review), and I'm getting convinced. Nota bene, it's not No Carb High Fat as many people think. It's Low Carb High Fat.
Nothing crazy, nothing extreme.
Started it Saturday, today (Sunday) I'm still alive. A little sleepy, but who isn't in this low pressure?
Yesterday we had the worst rain, so I only ran 4.5, but today I did the first stage of the Lidingö 20 10 km. Partly it was hilly as hell, and I had some trouble following the map. But I'm doing quite good, don't you think?
Hope to hear from you soon!

Day 6 – Heading Home

Dear G, rainy days we choose to travel. Or is it the weather that chooses to rain when we're stuck in a car for about 7-8 hours?
If so, thank you Weather!

Day 5 – Pirates Or Lifesavers?

Dear G, do you know what happened the last day of our vacation? We heard this very obvious helicopter sound and I thought "Oh no, some rich guy must have been bored".
But as it landed right on the medowland outside our garden, we saw the words SEARCH AND RESCUE written on it. Looked very official.
So we moved closer and the pilots, all in uniform, came out. I asked them "Are you here to enlighten our last day of vacation?". They said "yes", "do you have any questions?" and "would you like to go on board?"
Afterwards, L and I had a little discussion. Was it a sjöräddningshelikopter or a sjörövarhelikopter?
Life savers or pirates?
It's like with food – so difficult to tell. So many food products have words like SAFE AND RESCUE on them, even if they are close to poisonous. I'm reading a LCHF-book, and I'm getting more and more concerned about how bad advice doctors and diet experts are giving fat (and normal) people.
Didn't really have time for it because of packing, but I ran a fast 3 k and also had a last, wonderful swim.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 3 – 4 Village Living

Dear G, this is a special village, in many ways. It's cute. It's next to the sea were the water quality and temperature is at its peak in Sweden. The surroundings are nice, at some places. Where they haven't built sewage treatment works and other ugly houses (to be honest, I've seen much more amazing landscapes in our country). It has an excellent cocktail life. And most of all: it's expensive. As you might know, house prices here are among the highest in Sweden.
But even though people in our village have higher income and bigger fortunes than elsewhere, they seem to live under the most overcrowded conditions. In Swedish I would even use the word trångbodda.
Each morning we take our kids (A&J) to tennis school, and you know what the one topic of the mothers conversations is? How to cope. How to cope with grandmas and grandpas, being tired of them, and trying to get the kids behave so the old people can stand the crowdiness. And about just getting out of the house. They take the outdoor public pool, Copenhagen shopping or anything, just to get out. It's not said but we all know it: people pretend to live together during summer vacation because they have such nice families. But the truth is they do it because of the house prices. Very few in our age can afford a summer house here. Our generation is squeezed in between two generations that know what they want. And the idea of certain activities that a childhood should contain.
Interesting enough, those activities are the solution of the crowdiness problem: golf, tennis, sailing school, sailing races – and not to forget: the spas.
Women go there to have relaxation. To flew the crowd. Or not to break down. As I said: anything to get out of the house.
Haven't been to the spa yet, but I try to get out running every other day. Day 3 I finally ran my first 10k this summer, and even felt good about it. Not as last year, but ok.
And yes, we do occansionally have some wine.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 2 – Realistic, Healthy And Nice

Dear G, I'm so glad you're accepting my invitation! I think we could do something realistic, not too ambitious but healthy and not competetive. Just nice. And for now, considering my back and what different doctors say, I think I'll go for the 10 k September 26 rather than the half marathon.
I repeat: realistic, healthy and nice!
Today we were invited to some friends with the kind of summer house that I dream of. We had a very nice and healthy lunch.

But later in the afternoon we were celebrating August 2, a date that in my
husbands family is almost as important as X-mas. Traditionally celebrated with lots of cookies at this nice little café. Cookies that by the LCHF-doctors I believe in are considered the most toxic you could get.
I had many. Didn't have them all, but close to it.

I won't be perfect, but I'll do my best.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 1 – Determinated!

Dear G, I'm starting a new club today:
10/08/01 – 10/11/08 – The 100 Days 2010 Autumn Club!

I know that you are in South of France, sipping champagne and enjoying good cheese, but I do hope that you will join me when you get back.

This is what I plan for us:
LÖ 2010 km – 20 times 10 k – 200 k! At their website you'll find 20 10-k trails, all in Lidingö, and you are allowed to run them any time you'd like between tomorrow and October 10, hoping to have finished 19 of them 10/10 at 10 am. At the final October 10 all the runners run "the last 10 k".
Other suggestions:
August 14, Midnattsloppet 10 k.
September 11, Stockholm half marathon, 21 k,
September 26, Lidingö tjejlopp, 10 k
October 10, Hässelbyloppet, 10 k
November 8, Finalloppet, Göteborg, either 8,8 or 18,8 k.
And then finally:
November 8, the Autumn 2010 100 days club amazing running party, whatever that is.
Does it sound overambitious? Insane?
Yeah, you're right, but please help me to get it straight!
ps. Later today I ran 7.5 k, and took a swim in the salt sea afterwards. I can't tell you how lovely it is. The swim I mean, cause I'm not in the good shape I was last year…

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