Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day 4–5 To Quit Or To Keep On Going

My dear friend, the question now is: To quit or to keep on going?
I've had two stressful days without running. Just did not get time to do it, at it makes me think of the little internet smartness showed above. Kind of true, though, like they always are…
Tuesday my spouse was in Gothenburg at, and from now he will be late every Tuesday. Have to figure out how to get time for my Tuesday run, the speedy one.
And while not running, I have a little habit: I read this amazing blog. It is in Swedish, but you'll understand, and after reading it you will realize that three (or two) children can never, ever be an excuse not to run. I've heard it's immensely popular among male runners. Not only are they impressed by the blogger, they also show it to their wife/girlfriend whenever she says running takes too much time from the family life.
Got almost obsessed with it when I had had foot surgery last spring and did not even get to walk. Of course, the fact that she lives close to where I live, and you used to live, makes it even better.

Wednesday we celebrated J, and of course he had wished to have salmon and water melon, which his father served like this:

Baked Salma salmon, grapefruit, coriander, cous-cous with broad beans, water melon and yoghurt sauce.

In our family we have a little tradition: the celebrating kid gets to choose cake – and bake it with me. J & I had decided to make individual cakes (you might want to call them tartelettes) instead of a big one, as his sisters has not yet learned to appreciate the J-invented Water Melon & Apple Cake. But we ended up doing all about the same, with raspberries and blueberries.

Summer is running out though, proved by that the berries doesn't taste the way they do in July or August. Think it was this summer's last berry cakes.
Which might be a good thing!
Hope to hear from you soon. You know that it is now we decide if this is another lame attempt OR THE FINALE 100 DAYS CLUB!
xxx C

Monday, September 3, 2012

Day 3 – A Globe, Binoculars And A Mini Scooter.

Dear G, today was the kind of sunny day, when the wind seems to be there just to remind the tourists how close the archipelago and is, and the water is glittering like full of diamonds. Yeah, there are tourists everywhere, very irritating when you try to use your lunch break to buy:
1. a globe 
2. binoculars 
3. a mini scooter
You do realize that those three items, closely related if you as a boy who is turning seven in two days, need three different shops? 
Which is not easy when even walking is a problem – because of a 14.8K long running experience. 

Already at school I felt I needed to tell a dad why I walked so strangely. 
Gave him the full story about how the planned 12K turned out to be 14.8K because of the wet trail.
He said: "Yeah, I know, it was really muddy yesterday, I ran too."
Asked him: "How long did you run?
A little embarrassed, he answered: "Just the usual Sunday 33 K."

When I came home the garden looked so inviting, I just wanted to take of my shoes and socks and enjoy the perfect summer weather.
Instead I cooked: had dinner ready at 6.20, just as my husband came home, and exactly ten minutes before I was supposed to be at the school board meeting.

With more time, what wouldn't I have done instead? 

Would I have read a book on the stairs or done some relaxing yoga on the lawn? 
Or would I have been that spontaneous kind of mother that would take her children out on a daily world discovering adventure – with a globe, binoculars and a mini scooter…

Day 3 - Up hill

Dear C,

Today was the girls first day at school. They were happy and a bit exhausted too. 8-3:30 hard core lessons and came home with homework. C said " if I don't do it I'll be in big trouble!" Tomorrow my work week starts. Did you know that I took a job here 3x per week. Tues, Weds, and Thursdays. Still figuring out Wednesday's when the kids get out at 12.

After dropping the girls off at school I headed to France to do some grocery shopping. I haven't done it before but our neighbors said it can be worth it and I'd say it was. Amazing choices, much less expensive-I felt that it was almost like shopping in the US! Then after coming home and unloading I went out for a little hike.
I headed out and came to this crossroad and decided to head toward Chatel-St Denis. Up and down I went huffing and puffing until I finally came upon a waterfall. A sight worth walking to-and I will explore this another time to see where it takes me.
On a different note, we have met a really nice Swedish family who live just around the corner, there seem to be kids coming and going from here non-stop. The weather is still summer here but it snowed in the mountains it's really beautiful.
I made a lovely salmon dish with salad for dinner and have had loads of water today too!

Congrats on your big run and for being super motivated (and helping motivate me). So much more soon.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Day 2 – A Record And A Great Review

Dear G, today I had planned to run 12K – Elfvik, back and forth. Woke up 7.30am, had breakfast at 8, went out running at 10.20, and felt so happy about it. When it comes to running this time of the year is my favorite: not too warm, not to cold, no snow, no pollen, all crispy, and there is a wonderful scent.
Chanterelles and apples, or whatever it is?
But yes, it has been raining a lot, and the trail was kind of wet. At 2.99K I needed to change route, and by mistake "ended" the run with the Nike+Gps. SO IRRITATING that it doesn't ask if I'm sure I really want to end my run. like it did before. Because I don't!
The first pic is taken about 3.15K, at the place where my shoes got all wet. Decided to take a proper road, picked the wrong one, was suddenly in Rudboda (uh). Then ran towards Elfvik as planned, so decisive about getting to the Cape. But instead of going along the bay I found myself at the much longer cycle way: full of dog-owners with barking dogs (scary), bikers that jumped on the Triathlon trend (they're like flies), loads of roller-skiers (already?) and people walking hand-in-hand blind of romance (as it's still summer?).
This is just after the cape, when I finally got to run along the water. Very windy, it was. But no more complains: I felt strong, had ok speed – and the run ended up being: 14.8K!
Almost 15! It's a world record! I mean, it's my new Nike+ record!
Or… it would have been if I the idiotic thing hadn't ended at 2.99, splitting it up like I ran twice today.

Got home, was served lunch, drove A to her dance lesson, went to a school board meeting (there is another one tomorrow), had home made hamburger with lots of salad for dinner. Now: ready to spend 30 min on my exercise program … and another 30 min reading in bed. Body and soul!

I'm so glad that you enjoy you're new neighborhood, and that you're motivated! Of course you could have a fondue every now and then! And don't forget the Raclette!
Aha, you want to know how the kids liked my bread? Found this review on the fridge:
Best ever, sleep tight, xxx C

Day 1 - Party time

Dear C,

I have never needed the 100 dc as much as I need it now. I have hit rock bottom in my eating, drinking and exercising habits and it shows! I have hit an all time record weight and feel bloated, and downright unhealthy. So this daily reminder and your encouraging thoughts are going to help save me and give my body and soul some life back!
This entry is rather random as I feel I have so much to say, so much has happened since our arrival here to Switzerland...I can totally understand why your SIL has been living here for ages it is absolutely wonderful, the weather, people and view and yes the wine are all amazing, I personally don't think a move back to Sweden is in my near future but shhhhhhh don't tell L.
So Saturday my next door neighbor and I threw a party for M and her daughters b-day as they are have the exact same birthday. First the kid party at our house with 17 French speaking children-then the grown up get together cocktail part at her house. Yes, I tend to get these crazy party throwing ideas and then kind of regret it. There was so much food, and drink and then we had dinner to follow-duck with root vegetables and some kind of sauce that was not at all low fat and to top it off a bit of a hangover to boot. It's all really sur le dessus if you can say that in French.
My goals are: to hike/powerwalk 4x per week.  Start pilates again 1x per week, maybe sign up for something fun like a fun run 5k in October but nothing running extreme yet. Stop drinking diet coke, and stick to my nice wine with dinner on Friday or Saturday so I can enjoy it. As you mentioned try to stay away from the "white foods" and absolutely no fondue!
I will add pics later because I have not been able to locate my phone since the party and that has some pic on it!
Take care and stay clean,

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Day 1 – On Bread And Water

Dear Readers, a couple a weeks ago I was out running, thinking about this blog. What would happen to it, now when my friend G had moved to Switzerland?
Would it be one of all those (must be) millions of abandoned blogs, forever witnessing about my last attempts – and failures. Should I delete the last posts, so that the great success of Summer 2009 would have full focus, if ever some stranger from God-knows-where by mistake would find our by long forgotten blog? Would that be cheating? And what would G think?
Just a few days later, she sent me an e-mail suggesting THE FINALE 100 DAYS CLUB. Didn't mention anything about rules or goals: but immediately I knew what it would be: the perfect one. Blogging each day, eating healthier than Gwyneth Paltrow and running more than Usain Bolt.
Almost forgot that Summer 2009 we did have vacation. And that I already know I will have a very, very stressful autumn, with loads of work, three children, the youngest still in preschool (closes 3.45pm) and the others still needing help with school work… plus a planned foot surgery.
But I still thought it was such a great idea! So here we are, day 1, lots of ambition, great expectations, only success in mind.
My plan is to:
1. Run three days a week, preferably Tuesday (fast), Thursday (hills) and Sunday (long run).
2. Try to find time for some cross training, preferably Monday, Wednesday and/or Friday.
3. Follow my London 30 min exercise program at least six days.
4. Have wine only once a week, preferably Fridays.
5. NOT to try out any crazy diets like LCHF, but to avoid sugar and cut back on other fast carbohydrates like white bread, pasta and rice. (Don't drink soda, already avoiding juices and other drinks full of sugar.)
Otherwise, like always: no dieting, no eating in between and about 4-5 meals a day.

Starting today, September 1, and finishing December 10. I guess that the goal for both of us has to be to look great in a gown suitable for the Nobel Dinner? Not that we will be invited (this year), but when it happens… gotta be prepared.

As Day 1 happens to be my Shabbat/day of rest: no running, no other exercises. Instead I did something I find peaceful and that gives me a mediative kind of happiness: I baked bread.
Used a lot of rye,  to the rest of the family's approval … or not. Will find out tomorrow!
And as Friday is the only day when wine is allowed: had water + water with our Saturday dinner –steak, red wine sauce, green salad, yellow and red tomatoes, delicious chanterelles and just a few slices of oven fried potatoes. No, I didn't cook: my husband did.
Can't wait to hear from you, sleep tight, xxx C

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 11 – A Blue Sky And Forgetmenots

Dear G, there are children who think that a sunny day in May is best spent on the public library. Those children are mine.
And you know our local library – with great windows that gives  maximum light on a grey winter day… and also maximum heat on a sunny day in May. When I finally made them go home I was more certain than ever that every hour in May not spent in the garden is a lost one.
Just about when dinner was ready to be served I left the others and went out running. According to my new schedule it was supposed to be an easy, relaxed and quite fast run. Almost flying.
But I'm in worse shape than I've been since giving birth, and loads of poisonous birch pollen doesn't help either.
We are far from flying, my dear, and the only consolation I can find is to remind myself that I'm not allowed to run yet for another three weeks. And that the workout I'm doing, trying to do, should be called rehab. Or at least recovery. Will try not to forget it.
Have you seen that some of my for-get-me-nots are white? 
They make me so incredible proud. 
As so do my library loving children.