Sunday, April 26, 2009

Day 57 – Why Is This Chair Empty?

Dear G, I'm so happy to hear that you also had a nice weekend, and that you've enjoyed the fabulous weather! Didn't see your post until now, we must have been writing simultaneously…
Also have to say that I am amazed by your work – the gardening, the wood shopping AND the running! Wow! 
We should show this blog to S! 

Without any comparison, I felt this morning that I was far too incautious with my back yesterday, especially since it still hurts even with painkillers. Also had too much sun, so CJ told me to sit in this chair. 
And I did try to. 
But you know sitting in a chair is not only out of character, it is also TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE end of April, when there is so much to do in the garden. So I cut bushes (means a lot of bending), took the branches to the fireplace, took away weeds and run back and forth to water my flowerbeds. 
Chair was left empty.
Did not die of that.

I feel so glad for your London plans and for this lovely weekend, and if there comes a rain and if my back gets just a little bit better I will soon start running again. Only 150 km behind or so… 

WORKOUT: Gardening.
FOOD & DRINKS: CJ's sister that lives in Lausanne came for a short visit, so I had some bun. That is a bad excuse, I know, and I will stop having buns now. It doesn't work.
WEIGHT: forgot (or did not dare?) to check.

Day 56 – Life On A Shrimp Toast

Dear G, I guess you've heard the Swedish expression "Life On A Shrimp Toast". It means that you are born rich or get want you want easily or without effort.
Wouldn't say that I live on a shrimp toast, but I everything gets so much easier when the sun is shining.
We had our big Day of the Street today. Adults and kids from 22 households gathered at 9.30am for cleaning and gardening our playground and the surroundings. At 12 we were served the traditional lunch (hot dogs for kids, chicken salad for adults, cakes for everyone and lots of Festis or red and white wine to go with it). A long table is placed ON the street, and as usually the party went on for hours. While the kids played around us… 
Those days we say to each other that there is no way we can move from here. It's so nice and practical, letting out the kids in the garden or in the playground, being looked after by friends and their children. That is really living on a shrimp toast. 

Before dinner (indoor, as I had burned my arms and neck and we all had to much sun and pollen) my dear husband made us an actual shrimp toast. We ate it in the kitchen without kids, like a "minidate" that gave us an opportunity to talk to each other. Recommended!

WORKOUT: Some gardening. Quite a lot gardening, actually. Wasn't good for my back, but it's difficult to just look when the whole neighborhood is working.
FOOD & DRINKS: Yes, I had some white wine at lunch, and some more for dinner. Also had some cookies.
WEIGHT: forgot to check.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day 56+57 I´ll Take The Sunshine & Hard Work

Dear C,
Oh, what weekend! Fantastic all the way around. I fixed the whole garden on the side of the house. Something we have been trying to do for 5 years! It took ages-as it was a wasteland filled with weeds,and yucky soil, lots of rocks and old roots. Now, it has some meaning and hopefully with a little TLC will florish. Also, we have been chopping wood and replenishing our wood for next winter. Still quite a lot left to do but it feels so good. Kids were happy swinging, riding bikes, gardening a bit-and now sound asleep! L and I said we have had good teamwork this weekend and even a conversation or two. ALSO, I might go to London for work and extend it over the 4 day weekend. L will join me and kids will go to farmor and farfar...I won´t get too excited yet but its a nice thought.
Sat: Worked butt off in garden all day and ran 5.5 k. Legs and back ached. Drank a bit too much wine, but feel it evened out...ha
Sunday: Worked even more in the garden, ran 5 k had 3 expresso.
Will come up with plan for week-
Are you going to the fire Thursday evening? How is your back?

Day 55 – What This Weather Acquires

Dear G, our rules about drinks are quite firm. There is a reason to that – most overweight people would loose weight if they just changed their drinking habits. And I don't mean alcohol – but fruit juices, sodas, lemonades… Or saft
But what do you do when you come home from preschool, some neighbors and their kids hang around, sun is shining, there is summer in the air and all that you want and need is a tray of lemonade?
What's shown in this picture are apple juice and some new shoes. Enjoy!

WORKOUT: Thinking about workout.
FOOD&DRINKS: Apart from the apple juice the weather also said: "Of course you should have some Friday wine".
WEIGHT: – 2.2 kg. Half of yours. That is what running does! 

ps. Why don't you use your mobile camera? Bad quality pics can be a thrill! ds

Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 55 TGIF Again!

Hello C,
Oh its sounds so painful-good that you got out and had some glam time. Your iphone takes such fab pictures am so jealous. I can never find the camera and have never used my crappy phone camera.
I must give more niceties to our dagis teachers. These past two days I have been working in nursery at school (M and J´s age) and the day was so slow. I thought they were so much more windgy than M and seemed so small...It´s easy to forget just how small. Am so glad I have my lovely´s when I arrive home. Can´t imagine having to be a nursery teacher EVER!
We had a spring sale at school today-many families leave at the end of this school year so they just get rid of tons of stuff. I made out and was thrilled. A new bike for M, figure skates for C 2 helmets for sledding, a reima snowsuit-new, 2 movies and more all for less than 100 kr! Fantastic. I must take picture and will.
So sunny and will work in yard tomorrow after my super workout. Have not been so successful this week. Sort of half-way sticking to "the plan".
Weight: Looked -4.4
Big expectations for the sunny weather.
I say we extend til Midsommar.
XXG Let´s talk soon.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day 54 – Pity And Consolation

Dear G, extending might be a good idea, but I'm not giving up! When I walk every step hurts, so running doesn't feel all that close, but I'm not ready to quit AT ALL! I want to be optimistic. And I do feel summer coming closer. Don't you?

Didn't want to stay home and pity myself, so instead I went to town – and pitied myself. With some expensive consulation. 
Had my hair cut. Went to East and had a nice but ridiculously expensive lunch by myself – a small sushi for entrée turned out to be 3 pieces for 75 kr, and I didn't even remember to take a pic of it! Also had a delicious Sesame Chicken. 
Finally I bought a pair of white sneakers for myself (for once, it's not your kids that are missing out). Then time was out and I had to go home. I walk so slowly…

WORKOUT: What a joke.
FOOD & DRINKS: was out of dinkel knäckebröd and had white bread instead.
WEIGHT: – 2.2 kg.

ps on shoes: A had 4 pairs, J had 3 and L only 2. I will take a picture and add tomorrow. ds
ps 2: my card didn't work at Ropsten and I didn't have too many coins. As I didn't want to be late for my hairdresser. I tried to pay with Lakrisal. It doesn't work. Just wanted to let you know … ds 

Day 54 Trainer?

Dear C,
Poor you-hope you are feeling a little better. Please let me know if you need anything! Is this a sign that you have too much going?
Perhaps we should extend the 100 days til midsommar??

I read this article and although its not art o fthe 100 day club I can´t think of anything more fabulous than a trainer.

How many shoes do your kids have each? 3 pairs each? My kids must be missing out.

Please rest and get better. The 100 day club is ongoing only with you!


Day 51 – 53 Nine Pairs Of Shoes And An Accident

Dear G, I've had action this week. Much more than I appreciate.

Day 51: Picked up L at 11.30 and the others an hour later because they all had to go to the allergy doctor. As always, she said that J has to inhale more. I don't like it, but then again I'm not the doctor. After this I put the kids in the car, drove to the city were we met their father in a garage and then walked to a kids shoe shop. And bought seven pair of shoes – it took two hours and some kids in the store were constantly screaming. Then the children and I went back to our suburb, took a fika and bought another two pair of shoes. Quite exhausting, but hopefully we now have all the shoes they need for spring and summer. 
This is not very 100-clubstylish, I know, but I'm telling you this long story to say that I think about our club even though I can't run. For example I took a salmon sandwich instead of kokosbollar as A, J & L (they want to do like Laban). 

Day 52: Big disaster day. Went to dr. David to ask about coughing and running. He said I need asthma medicine and that he thinks I still have an infection. I will inhale and maybe have some more penicillin. Have to wait another week with running. 
Quite depressing, I thought – but then it got worse. After A's gymnastic, I was about to take care of her and her friend getting dressed, but J was pushed back by all the kids and parents going in the hall, so I had to help him. At the same time L was escaping, so when I got J I had to run for L, and I slipped and fell just like Donald Duck. Landed on my hip and hand, and the back sounded like it cracked. First I couldn't move at all, I just cried and tried not to scream too much, and mothers around me asked if they should call an ambulance. It was so weird. Then I finally got up, but it hurted like I don't know what. So the mothers around me helped me with my kids and A's friend, and I had to call CJ who helped us all to get home.

Day 53: I accordingly spent in the hospital. Lying on a bed, reading a book for hours and hours. I got my whole back x-rayed. Fortunately nothing is broken. They gave me some strong painkillers, but I can't carry L and I won't be able to run for some time. 
But as far as I'm concerned the 100 days club goes on until June 8 at midnight. Crippling or not. Will you be on my side?

WORKOUT: Carring kids? Shoeshopping? 
FOOD & DRINKS: had some strange meals at the hospital, otherwise nothing to report.
WEIGHT: – 2.5 kg

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 51-53 Blah!

Dear C,
Oh, I am not really feeling it these past 3 days...its been a struggle getting out. No special reason just me being a little blah. Looking forward to some warmer weather the next days! Promise to add more exciting news and pictures:
Today: body sculpt and 3.4 km.
Food: Cake Weds at work-ate some
Weight-not looking

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day 50 – Back To The Roots

Dear G, and dear Follower(!) – it was nice meeting you both today! 
As you already know, I took a walk with my two eldest kids to see my grandparents house that is for sale – A + J on miniscooters and me walking and running to keep their pace. 

Well, actually it's not my grandparents' house, but it was for about 50 years. As me and my family lived next door from I was five until I left home it's basically were I grew up. I know that house by heart, every single corner of it.
I know how lovely its attic is, where you can hide and how it can smell of apples (my grandmother stored them up in the attic). 
And I know how terrific that stair is if you want to go down on your bum instead of feet. I love that house! I have so many good memories from it. And even though the house was crowded with prospective buyers I just HAD to show my kids how to bum-bum-bum. That stair is so soft on bums! Its corners have been finely rounded by me, my three siblings, my cousins, my mother and her siblings – and perhaps also by Emi that lived there for five years after my grandmother sold the house. 
So J and A also went down the stair bum-bum-bum. A., in fact, a great deal of times! 
And for once I did not care at all if anyone thought it was inappropriate or that I had kids with bad manners. Instead I felt very proud of helping the sellers and their agent to show a great advantage with that lovely house. 
Doesn't show in the pictures how lovely it is … How lovely my grandparents made it …

Anyway, as I had to run to keep A's and J's tempo, which was kind of a workout for me. 
You ask me how I feel about the 100 days club at half point, and to be honest I'm a bit disappointed. I'm still coughing. I'm so allergic and I've had some asthma the last days, so I know that running is not a good idea at the moment. 100dc wihtout running is no fun! 
But none of this is the clubs fault, and I do feel happy about the blog thing. We always said that these kind of things happens, and that is way 100 days is so much better than 14. Or 7.
My plan is to go back to Dr David, stay out of wine, candy and buns, and just wait to get better. Take longer walks before I can start running again. 
My time will come, and I'm so glad it's working so well for you, G.
And Follower, I hope that you feel inspirited and will join us some day!

WORKOUT: walking and running with A+J on miniscooters. Had planned to do some gardening, but L&J wouldn't leave the playground…
FOOD&DRINKS Did have a bun after lunch… From Valhallabageriet… They are so tempting.
WEIGHT: –2.2 kg

Day 50 Half-Way!

Dear C,
I am tired now but felt I should write because today is our half-way point! Great to see you out with J & A. I see you so little for living so close...
L´s parents have been away for several weeks so they came to dinner-sort of a lot for a Sunday evening but kids were happy.
So how do you feel day 50? Yesterday a low but better days to come for the second half? Do you think we should try and plan our weekly workouts or is that too much? Will try that and see.
Much more tomorrow and hopefully pic too.
Today workout: 30 minutes video workout-LEGS. I almost cried it hurt so much. Then long and fun walk with CSL-around 8km we think.
Lots of stretching and feel that tomorrow will be sore.
Food: Nothing bad-first time since before Easter.
Weight: Still holding out in looking.
Plan for week:
Monday-run in intervals 4 minutes fast and 1 minute slower 6x repeat, 30 min. body sculpt.
Tuesday-Yoga 30 Minutes
Weds-run 5k +30 min leg workout
Friday-30 minute Body sculpt+run intervals 4 min fast and 1 min slower 8x
Saturday-Long run/walk up to 10k
Sunday-Yoga+see how I feel
Goals: Back on track with food, more water, long stretches.

You can do it C! Back to reality tomorrow-work. Hope you are well and write.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Day 44 – 49 Gardening, But Low In Moral

Dearest G,
why do people look down or the other way when you pass them? 
There are several reasons.
One is, obviously, that they are unsophisticated people that have bad manners because their parents did.
Another one is that they are blind or at least need cocacolabottle-glasses.
And then there are people that are blinded of your natural beauty, your unbelievebly blue eyes and that charming smile of yours. Plus feel shy because they don't speek English good enough.

Finally, there are a number of persons that have a little brain desease that breaks the implus "I see someone I know" to "so now I look up and say Hallo". They are just a little disfunctional. Not very disfunctional, just a bit.

Think of that when people look the other way. 

Then again, there are people like me, that find every face familiar and therefore say a great hallo to about everyone they meet. Which makes people nervous. Or confused. Or unproportionally happy. But very soon they get used to it and then you have trouble finding time to say little polite things to all these people that you basically don't know. But very soon do know, very much too much.

About compost: together with not murdering murder snails, the compost is my big garden bad conscious. I need to visit you. We need to talk. And I need to do something about the composting. The two I have don't really work, and as I tend to buy more soil then my 21 nearest neighbors do together. It's all a big waste. As soon as my husband removes that strange pile of branches and leaves he has built at the most unstrategial place I will buy a new compost. 
Come to think about it I will use my total soil budget on a new compost.

I've also been gardening today. As I told two of my neighbours our garden is a mere catastrophe at the moment. That is also on my change-list. You and me, Barack!
Otherwise I have to admit that I have been very low in moral. Until this morning I was "still on the pill", still eating penicillin. And still coughing.
My life is on hold.
The 100 days club is a bit lame without running. 
So I had too much wine, some candy + some buns, and the only thing that stopped me from gaining more weight is my frugal breakfasts and my loyal husband, that keeps on cooking healthy meals.

Tomorrow is day 50. I plan to take a longer walk, and try to start running next week.  Maybe we could take a little "celebrate day 50 together"-walk? I will call you!

WORKOUT: Gardening and some situps.
FOOD&DRINKS: As you see from pic, wine temps me.
WEIGHT: – 1.8 kg. About 3 kg behind my target …

Day 48+49 Gardening

Dear C,
Today we have been working on our compost. Do you do this with food waste? We have done it for 2 years now and have so little garbage for pick up. Save money and a little for the environment. But I have some questions about gardening-Wish your book was in English! Our garden needs lots of work and I want to plant lots of things but am unsure of where to put things and if they can work with each other. Right now in the house I have tomato, and sunflowers growing-they really enjoy the sun in the front room. Then I planted pumpkins (for our Halloween) and some herbs too but nothing is happening yet.
Today was freezing and my legs were too tired to run very far. I did this new video I have called body sculpt and it hurt! Yesterday I bought some free weights to do this-I figure standing in my TV room doing this video wouldn´t be so bad...
One thing I thought of is that we used to plan our weekly workouts and try to stick with them. Its hard with the kids but perhaps we should try to do that? Tomorrow I will come out with my plan for the week-especially since tomorrow is day 50.
Workout: Body sculpt video 30 min. 5km slow run
Food: 2 coffee this morning + enjoying my glass of wine now. Not anything bad today.
Weight: Still have not gotten back on.
When can I see you and your clan? Would you guys like to come over Thursday for a play straight after dagis??

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 47 Mannerisms

Dear C,

Why do people look down or the other way when you pass them?

Workout: Ran fast because I don´t like running in the woods at dusk. I pressed pause by mistake when running so it didn´t register the whole thing. Want to run the 5k in 30 min but am not there yet.

Food: 1 peanut butter chocolate egg, 2 latte´s.

Weight: Am waiting til I think I lose that 1 I gained back.

Thanks for making our blog look so nice. It´s fun.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day 37-46 Time Wasted

Dear C,
Oh, its been longer than I remembered-almost to day 50! Although I have been out running I have also been eating my way through Easter and vacation. All that has happened since my vacation started: Eating and Wasting time. Good thing I have to go to work or else I´d probably end up needing fireman to help me leave the house.
I must tell you that Långangen (sp?) has really been coming to life. It´s a spectacular way to see the changes. First those deer jumped in front of me then I saw a very big toad, another day 2 snakes lying in the sun. Everytime I hear the leaves rustle it startles me until I realize things are coming to life again. This is nice and while I love to hear the birds when running I don´t like listening to them in the middle of the night!
This brings me to when I first came to Sweden and it was difficult to sleep when the birds chirped all night because it was so light. Do birds sleep? Ok, this is a dumb question but honestly I never thought about this before- birds were chirping at 3AM. Last night we had C awake for hours and then there were the birds. Maybe that is why C was up?
Just finished this book which I would recommend. Its called What Is the What by Dave Eggers. Its about the beginning of the Sudanese civil war from the viewpoint of thousands of "lost boys" and thier accompanying refugees, but the real story is Achak's journey. At first it was hard to get into but then when I could read in some peace fouund it really interesting and terrible all at once.
Workouts+ food: Yes, been out there but didn´t do a darn thing with my eating and drinking Easter everything. Reese´s peanut butter cups and cadbury mini eggs arrived from the US. Very good but very bad...lots of wine, mimosa´s, waffles, french bread, more easter candy, chocolate cake, oh the list goes on.
Weight: I think I gained 1kg back.
Need to step it up for next 50!
So glad we spoke and so glad we are still in it together.

Day 38 – 43 Easter By The Sea

Dear G, 
I had such great plans for our Easter. I would only eat candy at Saturday and I would run every day by the sea.
Running by the sea is always great. And running by the sea when you are allergic is even greater. The air is clean from dust and pollen. It's like having a vacuum cleaning of your lungs. Or something.
So when Dr David said I needed to rest I figured I could take long walks by the sea instead, and be really firm about the food. 
Instead it all flopped. I had just about everything that we agreed to not have: wine for dinner and lunch, lots of candy, my mother-in-laws buns and even hamburger, Coke and French fries the two days we traveled.
The only good I can say is that we did not have the forbidden beer, but white wine instead for lunch. That is some dieting, don't you think… 

But we had such a great time, together and with the children. The weather was brilliant and I even got a tan, as did the kids and my husband. And we did spend time by the sea, playing as in the picture. Felt like a piece of a summer vacation. A magic Easter, I would say.
And as we said before we started: life is not perfect and a 100-days club can be restarted many times. I will do so much better the other half!
Waiting for your posts,

WORKOUT: Did some gardening digging, took some walks, otherwise none.
FOOD & DRINKS: I had prepared a picture of a typical Swedish Easter Lunch, but you know what it's like: herring, eggs, salmon, smoked mackerel, different kind of nice sausages, pâté… and great chocolate. But no beer and no nubbe.
WEIGHT: What do we know?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Day 37 – Easter Dr David Style

Dear G, we are leaving for Easter. Not with my running shoes and Nike + as I planned, but with a great deal of medicine of which you see about half in this pic. 
I asked Dr David if he could give me something so strong that I would be able to run even though the birches are blooming. He said yes, but with that cough of mine I wouldn't be able to run anyway.
That would be very stupid, he said, in that way that makes you feel that you are a little girl and that he is a lot closer to God. It's so strange, and even stranger that it's why we think he is such a great doctor. Who always says that "I am the doctor and just you relay on me." And I do.
And my coughing is hurting and when I came home I realized I had fever. So now there will be no running, but lots of resting, and hopefully all that Cortisone and Penicillin will make me healthy and strong as… As you!

WEIGHT: – 2.1 kg

Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 37 Easter Bunny/Påskkärring

Dear C,
L said you called. Sorry to hear that you are not well. What did Dr. D say? Did you get anything to help? Just get well and start slow again next week. We can go on a walk together as I will be home then and the kids will be at dagis :)
Today I got an Easter package from the US to help out the Easter Bunny on Sunday. Did you know that the Easter bunny comes with baskets full of candy and a little gift? Then you go and hunt for your eggs and put them in the basket. This is what we will do on Sunday along with my two American friends and their families.
Even though I have asked people I am still trying to figure out exactly how a påskkärring fits into Easter. Please explain-my kids think its Halloween all over again!
Workout:Today I went out in the sunshine and my little run turned into a long one with some walking at the end. I took a wrong turn and ended up really far away. So I went 8.4 km and my legs and feet hurt.
Food: I ate a little treat from the Easter candy package
Weight: Didn´t weigh today
Feel better and let me know if I can do anything.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Day 32 – 36 A Total Disaster

Dear G, I'm such a failure. 
I'm still sick, with coughs, fever and a hurting throat. Apart from that I'm very allergic though I'm having medicine – it just doesn't work. Every spring it's the same, but now that I'm neither pregnant nor breastfeeding (it's true!) I hope that I could have either a shot or some medicine that actually works. 
Like this, I can hardly leave the building. Jogging is absolutely impossible and I didn't do any yoga and haven't taken any walks that I can remember. 
Have not been good about food either. 
Thursday was the worst day ever: Had ok breakfast, but after that I had a coffee and Turkey sandwich with friends at Gateau. And couldn't resist the Marzipan eggs they had Easter decorated with, and as they didn't sell just one, I had to have a whole bag with them. 
I was so sure I would run the whole week and wouldn't have any Easter candy but the right day – and instead I did everything wrong. You know how it goes: Had two at ten, forgot lunch, and then about 3 pm I was so hungry that I had about five more as a late lunch. You know I'm even allergic against Marzipan… 
Had a piece of a bun at 4 pm, and then went to a meeting and didn't have dinner until 9pm – an uninteresting Italian buffé – salty, unhealthy, depressing. Worst day ever, right.
Friday I had far too much wine.
And this weekend I was out of Dinkel knäckebröd and had lots of white bread like in the bad days. Blaah.

Yes, I think we have to go back to updating EVERY day, and tomorrow I have to go to Dr. David. 
Will go away for Easter Tuesday, but I plan to bring jogging shoes and the computer so that I can blog.

WORK OUT: None and feel so sad about that. 
FOOD & DRINKS: Thursday: total disaster. Friday: Too much wine. Saturday: Not so good either. Sunday: candy and bun.
WEIGHT: didn't dare to check. But if I don't change now this whole 100 days club is in vain. There are so many spring and summer clothes that I can't use if I just go on like this. 
Will desperately ask Dr David for just about everything he has.

Day 30-April 6th Spring Fever!

Dear C,
“It's spring fever.... You don't quite know what it is you DO want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!” -Mark Twain
(not that you would have reason to read American literature but I had to study a lot about Mark Twain).
The clock change made it a little hard to get up this week-but of course the added light helps me get out even after L comes home. Yes, I must be "Swedish" when it comes to the weather now because I am really longing for the trees to be green, and for warmer days...not convinced that it is here yet. My goal was to reach 100km this week and I today I surpassed that. Though I am not convinced its doing enough. Goal for this week is to do jympa 2x for toning. To mix it up must help with some of the "bits". Other than that I don´t have much exciting news. The usual-kids are free this week and home with L. I am not free til next week! Promise myself to write on blog every day this week.
Workouts: Running 3 days+10 min. yoga everyday.
Food: Too much wine last night at party. Some sweeties but overall always thinking about it.
Weight: -4kg
Hope you are well+we catch up soon.