Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day 16 On The Move

Dear C, I am set. Have the ipod going again. Though no question I am definately getting the iphone upon my return! Life is good. It´t really easy to run these days. I get up and go. This morning I ran and returned with the whole family still sleeping. We have spent lots of time here where I spent much of my life-and visited seen so many old friends. It is as if I never left-strange but nice. As you can see from the pics. The girls love the beach, no matter the time of day. Also, I tried to get a shot of our old house. I wanted to go knock on the door but L thinks its better with memories-maybe? Ran around 7 today-easy on the beach. Now we are at my sister´s. This next weekend we will babysit her kids so she can go away with her husband. Add a 1 + 3 yr old to the mix! Great job running-you are keeping me motivated! XXG

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  1. Hi G & C,
    Happy to hear C that you think it's ok and fun that I join the club. Perhaps you have not recieved an email from G because your english is very good.....much better than our swedish I can assure you.
    Today I took the day off from excerise and walking as my husband and I had to deal with our car that has broken down! Needed to drive 3hrs (1.5 both ways) to drop off the car and pray it will be fixed by the time we leave the summer house this weekend!! It has already been in the shop at Trollhättan (as it acted up during mid summer) 6 000SEK later it is still doing the same thing!!!!
    So instead I ate healthy today with lots of fruit for snacks.
    Breakfast-Cereal and fresh picked strawbery's (from us!)
    Lunch- Chicken salad with bulgar
    Dinner-Yogurt with Musli and more fresh strawberys
    Did have wine and cried watching the Michael Jackson service this eve.
    C will mail you so you can invite me to join the blog....pictures to come :-)