Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 17 Running on Empty

Dear C, and C2?? Today it rained. We went to the community theater. It was a great version of Hansel and Gretel. This pic is the musician, and bird from the show. A great little place with a different show each week for kids. 6 bucks can´t get much better! In the afternoon I called my mom and asked her to take the girls for a while. Then I convinced L to go running with me in the pouring rain. It was fun (in my opinion). Well maybe I should say it wasn´t just raining it was POURING and thundering...the thing is that the rain is warm and you don´t feel cold. Leif thought I was a "boot camp instructor" and was "crazy" but he came along anyway. We ran through St. Paul´s school.
10.06 in the rain. We had to ring out and put all in wash, sneakers now filled with newspaper. Had dinner at mom´s. Salmon, and salad.
Happy times. XOG

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  1. Hi G & C!!!
    You are crazy G but motivated to run in the rain!!!! I on the other hand did nothing good/right today. We had a lot of company, kids and fun. Ate like a horse all day and drank alot as well........we are allowed a day or two like this aren't we? Did go on a short walk with all of our company and also played in the yard chasing kids around and even played "tennis" with the kids in the yard with our new tennis set we bought at the gas station :-)
    All in all had a GREAT day with friends...will plan to exercise tomorrow.
    Can't wait to buy my new nike gadets in the US so I can register my km like you ladies.
    Good night now,