Friday, July 10, 2009

Day 20 – Vacation Temptation

Dear G & C2, staying here in this special village in Skåne a couple of weeks each summer I usually gain somewhere between 3 and 5 kg.
There are so many temptations from morning to bedtime. Starting with the long breakfasts, with the breadbuns that my husband bikes to buy everymorning. We have many jams to go with them.
Then there is pre-lunch coffee, with some of my mother-in-law's homebaked. Lunch, afterwards coffee again – and new buns. Then around 3pm – new coffee (or tea) and often more homebaked. At 6pm we are offered the Drink with a big D, but over the years I've learned to say no to that, if it's not a very special day. And this drink is followed by dinner with wine and often dessert.
Those delicious little things were found at a café we visited. CJ ordered four, and as the kids only wanted some topping we had two each.
After that I read G's piece on making L run in thunder and rain. By a coincidence it rained when I read it, so I felt pretty forced to run 10k too. You are a boot-camp-leader for me too!
WORKOUT: Another 10k. Had two minutes better time then the first time, though quite windy weather. Still not serious about the yoga.

SUMMERY OF THE SECOND TEN DAYS: Ran 7 of 10 days, all together 41.24k. Hardly any serious yoga.

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