Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day 21 Backyard Living & Why I Run

Dear C,
I was wondering what to do with 4 kids on this sunny day-so we bought this little rubber pool. Total success they splashed for hours. When they got tired of it they ran to the swingset for a swing then came back. Much easier then lugging all the stuff to the beach, baby eating sand, etc.
Now, I am relaxing wondering why we don´t have 3...Oh yeah, L said NO!
Yes, it seems like we have run a lot. Much more than previous times but it feels good. It is an acomplishment, and we are getting stronger, and dropping some weight too. As Murakami said If you live in Boston, Samuel Adams draft beer (Summer Ale) and Dunkin´Donuts are essentials of life...indulgences can be offset by persistent exercise. Well that seems like a good reason, but its more about the time to get out to clear the mind whether it be 20 minutes, or an hour. It just is nice to look around but not really zone in on anything but the task at hand. When I see the km´s add up on our challenge it makes me want to do even more-its a race against myself, a race to see how far I can push myself. Of course I´d also love to come back to Sweden and fit into some skinny Filippa K jeans, and be in a positive mode when life after vacation begins. So for now I will run as long as my body allows it. There will be traveling days, and upcoming plans which may defer my runs by a day or so. Soon enough, I will be back at my job with even more responsibility, stressing out, the days will turn short and runs will become luxury. Run while you can.
Ran 5, need to do yoga and stretch. Ate lots of banana bread and pizza. Only 1 coffee (unusual day).
Safe and happy travels to Denmark. XXG

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