Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day 30 – On A Bumpy Road

Dear G & C2, it's good to be back!
Hotel-life is a treat and exciting in many ways, but with three kids, packing and constant hushing it's also a bit exhausting (not only for the wallet).

And now I'm also back on track! I've decided to be rigorous for a while and started my new-new life today. Less coffee-sugar-wine, more running and yoga.
Ran 7.1 k and thought that was an ok start after seven days without running. Felt like an old cow at first, so I was afraid that all the strength I'd gained this summer was gone. But it wasn't.
I've know found a track along the sea with almost no people, but it's very bumpy and stony, so I have to watch my step. (I'm afraid to fall and hurt my foot like I did here seven years ago, so bad that I couldn't run for the rest of the summer. And then I got pregnant. Over and over again…)

As I've said before, my yoga teacher says that those kind of difficult paths offer the best running. Concentrating on where to place the feet both rinces the mind and make you more kinds of muscles. But watching the step makes it impossible to keep a high pace (yogis don't care about pace). And then again the Nike+ thing says that I'm running longer than I do, as need more steps not to fall.
It's kind of fair, isn't it?
Or am I cheating?
Do you run on asphalt in the US? Still on the hills?

WORKOUT: 7.1 k + 20 min yoga

SUMMARY OF THE THIRD TEN DAYS: I only ran 3 out of 10 days, together 20.02 k. This is a low point. Havn't watched the scales. But rigorous it is, right?

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