Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 29 Beach BBQ, Hamsters, American Girl Dolls & Run Interrupted

Dear C,
Would you let your little J play outside with a gerbil or hamster or whatever it is? Well, as you can see M did. She thought it was fantastic. Today was a busy one. Beach, BBQ party and time for a run which was interrupted too often. This is because it was a perfect beach day in Rockport and everyone wanted to go. Though some were just too late. So when they saw me running they had to ask where they should go, or park because they couldn´t find a place. This happened at least 5x on my run. Then I ran by Ed´s house knowing that C2 was there overnight for her friends Christening and saw her husband sitting on the porch. Of course I had to say hello to my good friends from Sweden for about 20 minutes before getting on with it....and it just went from there. Afterwards we hit my best childhood friend´s house for a party. Much laughter and drinks-honestly sometimes it feels like I live here still. On our way out my friend "loaned" the girls some old American girl dolls. Which they obsessed about changing their clothes as they put on pj´s. Finally kids in bed after another hectic day...Today ran first time in 3 days. 4.3 miles (for some reason my ipod was in miles)
Could have been better to many stops. Food tons of drinks, including mojito, wine, and mudslide along with BBQ chicken and many other snacks. I´d be so fat if I lived here!
Hitting the streets tomorrow! So looking forward to seeing you again and love reading your adventures.
Nighty night, G

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